Arshi One Shot | Channa Mereya

Khushi strolled through the cold streets of Glasgow until she found a bench in a nearby park. She sat down and looked up to the gloomy skies, letting out a sigh. Everything reminded her of him. It had been almost five months since he was gone, her life partner, her everything, her life had turned upside down. She had thought he was the one; he had promised her the world but in the end he left her alone to fend for herself. The man she had left her own home for, sacrificed everything for, ended up leaving her. He had shut her out of his life for another woman that he barely even knew.

She admired the faint discoloration where her engagement ring used to be on her finger. She toyed with the nonexistent ring as she lost herself in her trail of thought. She closed her eyes overcome with emotion; she wished it would all go away. She was ready to find herself again, be the best version of herself. She was tired of mourning his absence; he was undeserving of her love. She was ready to start a new chapter in her life, she owed this to herself.

Khushi sensed someone sitting beside her on the bench; she slowly opened her eyes and tilted her head towards the person.

Arnav had been jogging for the past hour; his feet kept going even though his heart was tired. He found himself in a park; it was the ideal place to clear his head. He had been through so much, he wanted to scream and let it all out. He had come to this city with the aspiration of achieving his dreams. He had left his family to pursue his career and now looking back he had lost more than he had gained. For the past few weeks, things had taken turn for the worst, his fights increased with his parents, he was barely getting by with his job and his music career was limited to small weekend gigs at cafes.

He sat down on a nearby bench, trying to figure out what he wanted to do. His dreams were important, why did no one understand him? He felt alone but he could not give up, not now. He was going to try harder this time; he was going to prove that he could attain his dreams. He knew he could and that was all that mattered. He had to do this for himself, he owed himself this much.

Arnav felt someone’s gaze on him; he looked up and noticed the person next to him on the bench was observing him.

Complete strangers to each other, yet when she smiled at him, he returned it. They managed to bring a smile to each other’s face. For a short period of time, they forgot about their troubles in their own lives and welcomed the generous moment from one human being to another. They both needed it, the assurance that everything was going to be alright. Something felt familiar about each other, maybe it was their struggle, wanting to find themselves in the journey that life took them on or maybe it was just a simple gesture, a smile. 

Hi, I’m Khushi.

Hi, I’m Arnav.

 Author’s Note:

I’ve probably listened to Channa Mereya about 20 times while writing their past, it really helped me feel their anguish. Hope you all enjoyed this short piece of writing 🙂 Leave me a like and a comment if you liked it. 

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