Three Shot – Coming Home Part 3



       Part 3

I’m coming home…

Khushi’s heart raced as she stood in the airport waiting to see her husband. She had been waiting with a batted breath for 15 minutes near the Arrivals area. She rocked her 1 month old angel in her arms while she kept her eyes glued ahead of her.

5 minutes, 10 minutes… as the time ticked away she reminisced on the last 6 months. Every day since Arnav left, she would say numerous prayers to protect her husband. She had the support of her family and his family but she didn’t have her husband, he was her everything. From her pregnancy check-ups to every new sensation of her pregnancy, to the birth of their child, Arnav was not there to experience it. She knew this was all a part of the life of an army wife and it was a normal entity to undergo in a family with an army officer.

There were times though that she wished she could just contact him and persuade him to return to her, where she could see him and shield him from the danger of his job. But on the other hand she also knew he was serving his country, he was a brave and noble soldier. She was proud of the man who she married and the father of her child.

Her thoughts were broken when she saw the figure of her husband in the far distance. Her heart fluttered when she saw him walking out of the terminal; Army officer Arnav Singh Raizada. Her lips trembled as she felt the tears running down her cheeks. She looked up and sent a mental prayer to her devi maiya. She wiped her tears and began walking towards him.


When he saw her, the love of his life, his heart began beating rapidly. He smiled brightly and walked quicker. His walk broke into a jog. He dropped his bag and enveloped her into his arms.

Time stood still as they made contact with each other. He pulled back and kissed her temple. He hugged her again and she broke into sobs, Khushi ki ansoo.

He moved back and looked at the angel in his wife’s arms. “She’s beautiful.” Tears began rolling down his eyes. He took his baby into his arms for the first time; it felt surreal to him. He held the baby close to his heart as if she was a porcelain doll. He analysed his sleeping baby’s face. Her soft lashes, her little pink nose, her chubby cheeks, her thin lips… her little chest heaving with each breath she took.

He looked up at his wife and said, “Khushi, I’m…I’m a dad… I have a daughter. We have a daughter. I love you so much” Khushi replied, “I love you too…” She side hugged him while both of them cried. The moment they were waiting for since he left was here.

They were a family again; Complete.

After a few minutes Khushi took the baby into her arms while Arnav picked up his bags. Hand in hand, they got into the waiting car and the driver drove the little family straighthome where they were welcomed by close family and friends. Everyone rejoiced to have Arnav home after a long 6 months. Relief, joy and every other emotion that could be thought of were displayed when the rest of the family saw him.

So this was the final part of the Three shot “Coming Home” Hope everyone enjoyed the short journey of this 3Shot. I was inspired to write this when I saw the Lifetime TV series, “Coming Home,” and I was further touched when I saw a video of a solider meeting his baby for the first time.

My heart and prayers goes out to each and every family that endures such a situation in their lives… You all really have the courage and strength… both the families and the soldiers are true heroes…


2 thoughts on “Three Shot – Coming Home Part 3

  1. luvraj4ever says:

    Beautiful three shot story…. Really well written… Army life is tough and hats off to the family members who have to stay away from each other for so long..
    I loved this story…

    Liked by 1 person

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