Three Shot – Coming Home Part 2


Part 2

We’ll be alright… & goodbye

He came out of his trance when he felt Khushi holding his shoulder. He leaned forward and uttered, “Khushi … you… you’re pregnant?”

She nodded and whispered, “Yeah.”

 Arnav’s lips curved into a smile and pulled her into a hug, “Khushi… you… you gave me the best news of my life.” Khushi relaxed against his body and her face lit up when she heard these words. Against his ear she whispered, “I love you.”

He pulled back and cupped her face, “I love you too.” He kissed her forehead and asked,“When did you find out?”

She nodded and held his hands, “Yesterday, you know I’ve always had an irregular cycle, so I didn’t think missing it was anything major. But for the past couple of days I started feeling different. I went to the doctor yesterday and did some tests and the doctor confirmed it.”

He caressed her arm, “What was your reaction when you found out?”

Khushi leaned against his shoulder, “I was happy because its been my dream to be a mother and I couldn’t wait to share this phase of our lives together. But I was also shocked because we had never spoken about having kids this early, especially with you being a soldier and having to leave so often. Our lives have been so hectic; we’ve been married for a year but you’ve been away for six months of that on duty. This morning when I found out that you had to leave again for another six month mission, I was scared… worried.”

Arnav kissed her hand, “Don’t worry, we’ll get through these six months… before you know it I’ll be at your side again and as for the baby, it came as a surprise but I really am ecstatic.”

He lifted her top and explored the surface of her stomach with his palms. His eyebrows frowned and looked up at her, “You’re not really showing…is that common?”

She placed her hands on top of his, “I asked yesterday and the doctor said it all depends on your body, everyone’s different and it’s normal to not show early with your first.” He nodded and pulled her into yet another hug.



. . . . .


Later that night as they lay in bed, Khushi snuggled onto Arnav’s chest and his arms protectively wrapped around her.

She spoke in a soft tone, “Arnav before it was just me waiting for you to come home, now it’s two of us.”

“Hmm” he responded.

You know whenever you leave I always have that fear that maybe that would be the last time I’ll be seeing…” She hugged him tightly not being able to continue.

He tightened his grip on her, burying his face into her hair. He whispered into her ear,“Shh… we’ll be alright.”

She choked out, “Arnav, tell me you’ll be back.”

He touched her stomach, “I promise you and our baby, I’m coming home.”

She put her hand on top of Arnav’s, “I love you Arnav.” She nuzzled into his neck and savoured their last few intimate moments before he had to leave.


. . . .

The next morning was bittersweet. Bright and early, Arnav and Khushi along with hundreds of other couples or relatives bid their loved ones goodbye at the airport.

Arnav and Khushi’s family members had come to see Arnav off as well. After they all said their goodbyes, they left Arnav and Khushi alone so they could spend some time with each other.

After a long emotional hug she let go of him and said, “Take care baby.”

Arnav nodded and wiped away her tears, “I love you…”

Khushi smiled, “I know… I love you too.”

They hugged each other again until the announcement of the flight was made.

He whispered, “I’ll miss you so much.”

She sniffled, “I’ll miss you too.”

Arnav bent down on one knee and hugged Khushi’s stomach. He kissed her stomach and said, “I can’t wait to see you baby. Take care of your mummy. Daddy will be back as soon as he can.”

He got up and kissed Khushi one last time. He held her hands and said, “Bye.”

“Bye.” She replied and let go of his hands.

She watched him leave remembering him promising his return. With a heavy heart she turned around and walked out of the airport, to where their family members were waiting for her. 

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