PaRud OS – Itti Si Khushi

Rudra walked into the Ranawat haveli, completely exhausted from his day of work. As he got upstairs, he heard the laughter of his wife and his son coming from their room. His exhaustion was wiped off his face and he smiled brightly as he entered the room. He saw his wife tickling their son and both of them in fits of laughter.

As soon as Dhruv glimpsed Rudra, he got off the bed and leapt into his father’s arms. He hugged him tightly, “Papppaaa I missed you.”

Rudra kissed his cheek, “Really?! From outside it seemed like you all were having fun without me.”

Paro walked up to Rudra and kissed his cheek, “That’s not true, we were passing time waiting for you. We really missed you today!”

Rudra smiled, while Paro said, “Freshen up. I’ll bring dinner up to the room, we’ll all have it together.”

Dhruv wiggled in Rudra’s arms, “Wait maasa, I’ll help you…” Rudra put Dhruv down and Dhruv raced downstairs to help his mother.



Paro held the tray of food while Dhruv held the juice, before they entered the room Paro stopped and reminded Dhruv about their little secret. Dhruv nodded excitedly, he couldn’t wait to tell his Papa and to see his Papa’s reaction. Paro smiled and they entered the room.

Rudra was already showered and sitting on the bed, waiting for them. “Finally you two show up, I’m famished.” He teased when he saw the mother son duo.

Dhruv sat in Rudra’s lap, and Paro sat next to them on the bed while they began eating their dinner. As they finished their dinner, Rudra looked at his wife coyly eating her dinner and their badmaash son in his lap eating without any trouble today.

Rudra asked, “Dhruv how come you’re eating dinner in my lap today, normally you sit with your maasa.”

Dhruv absentmindedly said, “Papa I’m afraid I hurt maasa’s tummy that’s why.”

Paro looked up at her husband, while Dhruv bit his tongue and made an O expression. He looked up at his Papa, wondering if he had caught on to his words.

Rudra took a second and then asked, “Hurt her?” He looked at Paro, “Paro is everything?”

Paro shook her head, and signaled to Dhruv to tell his Papa their little secret.

Dhruv smiled, he was so excited, he wound his arms around Rudra and started, “Papa, actually I don’t want to hurt the baby in maasa’s tummy, that’s why I sat with you.”

The word “Baby” escaped from Rudra’s mouth.

Dhruv nodded, “Yes papa, I’m going to be a big brother…” Dhruv hugged Rudra tightly.

Rudra looked at Paro, they didn’t speak verbally, but their eyes did the necessary talking. Rudra questioned her with his eyes and she nodded sweetly. A huge grin formed on his face and he hugged Dhruv tightly, “Mr big brother.”

Paro put her hands in the air and exclaimed, “I’m feeling left out, what no hugs for me? The baby is in my tummy you know!” She pouted.

Dhruv scooted to one side of Rudra, giving Paro ample space, she smiled and leapt into Rudra’s arms.

Rudra whispered into Paro’s ears, “Thank you.” He then kissed her cheeks.

Rudra and Paro smiled at each other, Dhruv joined into their hug.



A while later, Dhruv slept away cuddled in Paro’s arms after she had sang his favourite lullaby, Haile Maari. Rudra picked his son up and took him to his room just beside theirs. Once Dhruv was settled in his bed, Rudra kissed his forehead and dimmed the light.

Rudra entered their room and saw his wife standing near the window. He sneaked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She relaxed against his touch and they looked out the window.

She titled her head and said, “Its such a beautiful night… and its a full moon too.”
He murmured against her hair, “Hmm… being with you right here makes it even more beautiful.” She smiled as he brushed his fingers against her stomach where their baby was nestled, she asked him, “Are you happy?”

He kissed her hair, “More than anything. You’ve given me so much Paro. A beautiful present and an amazing future ahead of us. Dhruv, this new baby… I… ” He choked on his words. She turned around in his arms, “You’ve given me so much also. A beautiful family, I’ve found the best life partner… I could not have asked for more. You filled my life with colour. You are the reason for my every itti si khushi.

He kissed her lips ever so softly, “I love you Paro.” She looked into his eyes, the window to his soul, she saw an overwhelming amount of love and passion. She whispered, “I love you too Major Saab.” She leaned into his chest and kissed his inviting lips. In one move, he picked her up into his arms and gently laid her in the middle of their bed. He got up and flicked off the light switch before joining her on their bed. He looked at his Paro, her face glowed under the moonlight that shone through their curtains. She lowered her gaze in anticipation as he inched closer to her lips. Her hands found her way into his hair as he covered her lips with his own. The rest of their passionate night passed by in a flash, leaving the two lovers exhausted and snuggled into each other as they finally slept away in the wee hours of the morning.  It was indeed a beautiful night!


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