Arshi OS – Pyaar Ka Jashn

Hey everyone, Kooltoad / Parinati and I did a collab together based on IPK Ek Jashn. Really hope you all like it.  We worked hard on this, its my first collab and her first writing piece. 
Pyaar ka Jashn 

Arnav led Khushi towards a table, on top of it, there was a cake surrounded by rose petals and candles. It read Happy Anniversary.’
He looked on at the love of his life, his Khushi.  “Happy anniversary Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada…”
She excitedly held his hand and they cut their anniversary cake, then they fed each other.
She hugged him in glee, as she pulled away, she heard him ask, “Can I say something?” She nodded and his husky voice resonated in her ears, “I love you dammit…”
A smile crept onto Khushi’s face as she wound her hands around him.

She replied with a grin, “Happy anniversary dammit.”


He whispered against her ear, “I’m hungry Khushi…”

She pulled away to see his face, “Okay… let’s go eat then…are we eating in the garden? Did you decorate the garden too?” She squealed.
Arnav smirked, shook his head and circled his hands around her waist, “No, I meant in our room…”
She narrowed her eyes, “Our room? Are we having a candle light dinner?”
He caressed her cheek and smirked, “Not exactly the dinner I had in mind… after you tortured me the whole day by not letting me see you, did you think I was gonna let you go this easily? It’s my turn to torture you now! The tables have turned.”
She opened her mouth, “Haww…”
He looked at her plump pink lips making a perfect O’ , he bit his lip and pulled her closer, flush against his body. “Mrs Raizada, waise bhi shaadi aaj hui hai toh suhaag raat bhi toh aaj hi hogi na…” (And besides the marriage happened today, so the wedding night must be today too.)

He winked at her.
Her cheeks turned crimson red hearing what her husband’s dinner plans were, “Ar.r..navv ji…”
He smirked seeing the effect that he had on his wife, some things never changed.
He swooped her into his arms, her hands clutched onto the lapel of his jacket where they always belonged.

She buried her head into the crook of his neck as he made quick strides to their room.


Arnav closed their bedroom door, but didn’t bother to lock it, his wife had ensured no interruptions for the night and the family had offered to steer clear of the house for the next day also, so they had the entire house to themselves. He put Khushi down, and he removed his shoes, jacket and tie.
He took off her earrings, but left her necklace and mangalsutra intact. The mangalsutra that he had adorned her neck with three years ago, made his heart swell with love, pride and respect, she was his wife, out of everyone in the world, she chose him.
The necklace he put on for her earlier, made Khushi want to tear up a bit, no matter how many times he showered her with his love, it always felt like the first time, she felt lucky to call him her husband, the way he loved her, no one else would ever come close to it.
She began opening his shirt buttons, she ached for her hands to explore his taut chest. She had missed him the whole day…she had tortured herself along with him.
He held her wrists, shaking his head. He knew if he let her touch him, it would be his undoing but today he wanted to torture her a little. He unpinned her saree from her blouse and removed her pallu.
Khushi watched him in anticipation as he turned her around slowly to undrape her saree unaware of the thoughts that were roaming in his wife’s mind.
Khushi loved him more than she could even comprehend herself. She thought it was time to tell him what she wanted to for the whole day now. It was a special day and she had chosen today to share this special and most important news of their lives with him. How will he react?  What will he say when she tells him?

Lost in her own thoughts, she didn’t realise when Arnav undid her last pleat and dropped the saree near his feet.
Khushi was drawn out of her thoughts when she felt him touch her shoulder. She smiled slightly at him and stepped back, old habits die hard.
Arnav shook his head in amusement, three years and this was still constant, he would move forward towards her while she stepped back. All he wanted to do right now was hold her in his arms and show her how much he loved her. He had missed her so much, it was nearly a whole day that he had spent without seeing her once.
He cornered Khushi as she stumbled near the edge of the bed and held his arms for support… He brought her closer and lifted her in his arms again and lowered her on to the bed.
Feeling his body pressed against hers, she felt herself blushing, she lowered her gaze to his chest.
He looked at her reddened cheeks and the way her chest heaved against his, gosh she was his! “You are beautiful, Khushi.” He felt proud of the effect he had on her. He cupped her face as he kissed her left cheek, he moved to her right cheek, placing another kiss there.  She closed her eyes and he softly kissed both of her eyelids.
She sighed and opened her eyes. “Arnavji?” She muttered, her heart thumping against her chest looking at the mischief playing in her husband’s eyes.
“Hmm…” He whispered as he moved a strand of her hair to the side.

She inhaled sharply, “I… I wanted to say…I…”

He nibbled on her earlobe, “What do you want to say?”
She moaned clutching the pillow as she felt him bite her ear and then blow against it. Then he trailed light kisses along her jawline to her neck, she felt him undo the buttons of her blouse and shift it slightly, revealing her swollen mounds. He began placing feather like kisses on her breasts and the valley in between.
She bit her lips unable to bear his torture on her extra sensitive skin, “Arr..nav ji…ohhh”
His hot breath fanned her chest, “No Ji’, just Arnav!” His sinful lips playing havoc on her senses as he moved lower.
As his lips touched her belly, her hands found its way to his hair, making a fist. “Arnav…”
“Hmmm” He circled her navel with his tongue.
She shut her eyes from pleasure and the anticipation of his reaction, “Arnav… I… I’m pregnant…”
He stopped what he was doing as his eyes shot up at her, “”

She opened her eyes, looking at him with nervousness. “I’m pregnant.”
He sat up on the bed as he felt his heart begin to pound against his chest, “You’re…”
She nodded and sat up next to him, pulling the blanket up to cover herself. She waited with bated breath for him to say something.
“I’m going to be a father… We… We. are. having. a. baby…” He said out loud, letting it sink in.
Khushi nodded seeing the play of emotions on his face. Her eyes teared up. Only she could understand what this means to him. She smiled through her tears. Their Chhoti si Duniya’ is now going to be complete.
She reached over to the nightstand and took out an envelope from the drawer.

“Shaadi ki saalgirah Mubarak ho Arnavji…” (Happy anniversary Arnavji)
He opened the envelope torn between curiosity and excitement, it was her report and the sonography photograph of their baby. He smiled and kissed the photo, his eyes never leaving Khushi’s.
They traced their fingers on the little dot that was their baby and smiled at each at each other.
He caressed her face with his thumb, “Khushi… I… you… Thank you Khushi, since I’ve met you, you’ve given me nothing but happiness, I love you so much…”
She wiped away the tear that streamed down his face, “I love you too.” He leaned forward and kissed her forehead, Khushi cupped his face, their foreheads touching each other both smiled looking at the love that they had for each other reflected in their eyes. For them their eyes spoke volumes. They never needed words to express or to understand each other.

He gazed at her lips as she parted them.Without a second to spare, he pressed his lips against hers and lowered her onto the pillow. He kissed her pouring all his feelings – love, longing, gratitude,  happiness, contentment – into the kiss. He kissed her like never before. After a long time he broke the kiss and lifted his head as she moaned at the loss of contact.

Arnav looked into her eyes., “Khushi main…” (Khushi I)

She nodded, “Hum jaante hain…” (I know)

Both smiled and said together “Hamesha…” (Forever)
He made tender love to her, showing her how much she meant to him and how much he cared for her every need. It was a very special night that marked the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.




Arnav shifted slightly as the rays of sunlight peeked into the room from the poolside. He slowly opened his eyes to meet the beautiful sight in front of him – Khushi’s petite, soft frame cuddled in his arms. His right arm was wrapped possessively around her waist and his head buried in her beautiful soft long hair that was fanned out on the pillow as she slept peacefully on his left arm holding his palm with her right palm. He pushed her tresses away that hid her face, he nuzzled his head against her skin as he kissed her in the crook of her neck. Khushi squirmed and turned in his arms, her body facing him now. He chuckled seeing her cute pout in her sleep, he leaned in and kissed her plump lips softly.

As he remembered the events of last night he couldn’t help but smile remembering the happy revelation Khushi had made. Her special gift to him. They were going to have a baby!
He moved the thin material of her red nightie away to reveal her bare skin. He moved a little lower and caressed her stomach with admiration, he was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that their baby was nestled there, the symbol of their love. He kissed her belly gently.
“Hi baby, I’m your daddy… you know when I found out about you, I was happy yet scared. I am happy that our world is now complete. But yeah, Arnav Singh Raizada is also scared as I don’t know if I can be a good father… but I promise to always protect you and your mummy. You deserve all the happiness in the world. You have the best mummy in the world, she loves unconditionally and will always make you smile and I’m sure I won’t falter either with your mummy by my side to look after you. And I know you’ll love your mummy just as much as I do, that’s one quality of me that I’m sure you’ll have. We can’t live without her.”
Khushi smiled with her eyes closed listening intently to Arnav’s sweet, tender words to their baby.

“I hope you take all of your mummy’s qualities… hmmm… except maybe her craziness. She’s a bit crazy you know… but she’s as sweet as her jalebis that she can’t live without…”
Khushi exclaimed, “Hawww…”
Arnav immediately looked up to meet those favourite hazel eyes that he adored. He looked like a little child caught stealing a candy, “You… you’re awake?… you were awake the whole time?”
She nodded as she brushed his hair. Arnav came towards her and leaned on her. She kissed his forehead, “You’re already a good father Arnavji.”
With vulnerable eyes, he probed, “How are you so sure?”
She intertwined her hand with his, “I know because my heart says so.” She touched the skin above his heart, “My heart can feel everything that your heart feels. I know you’re nervous, I am too… this is all new but we’re in this together. And Devi Maiyya is also with us. Hamari unse baat bhi ho gayi hai.” (I’ve already had a talk with her)
Arnav smiled at her and her firm belief on her favourite Goddess and her best friend. “Hmm.. She has always been with us Khushi. Do you remember how you once said that Devi Maiyya is writing all of this and I’ll realise it one day. I didn’t believe it that day but I’m happy that your belief in her won. I had so many walls surrounding my heart when we first met..  The anger, the restlessness, the anguish, the cold fury. Ever since we met, all those guards that I had shielded my heart with slowly started vanishing… all that pain and suffering has long gone.”
Khushi smiled and said “Haan, aap pehle kitne khadoos, akdoo, Laad Governor hua karte the..” (Yeah, you used to be such a mean, snobbish, lord governor)

Arnav narrowed his eyes in mock anger, she chuckled and continued, “But now I can see a gentle warm heart. I can see the rajkumar (prince) behind the farce of the rakshas.”(monster)
He smiled in admiration at his wife and thanked his Ma for sending this sweet angel in his life to take away all the suffering and pain and fill his heart with peace and love. It was her gift he was sure of it. She was looking after him from the heavens above.
As if reading his mind, Khushi said.. “Arnav ji.. Can I ask you something”

He hummed as he stroked her cheek, “Hmm…”

She asked, “Can we go to Ma’s garden tonight?”

His eyes widened in surprise at her request.

She cupped his cheek, “I want to share this first with Ma, Amma, Babuji and take their blessings”
Arnav gaped at his wife. How did she do it? She always knew exactly what his heart secretly wished for, sometimes even before he himself knew it. She definitely was a blessing in his life, she was a ray of sunshine after the cursed past that he endured.

He smiled nodding his head kissed her gently on her lips, “Khushi tum janti ho na…”(Khushi you know right…)

She stroked his hair, “Kya?” (What?)

He grinned, his eyes shining with love, “I love you dammit…”

She bit her lip and replied with a twinkle in her eyes, “Hum bhi aapse I love you dammit…” (I love you too dammit)


Authors’ Note |

I’m so so proud of this story, thank you for doing this story with me Pari! Its been a fun adventure! From our random ramblings to listening to songs for inspiration and then in the last few hours bearing with my Hrithik craze, Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, while we ran the last leg, brushing all the rough edges. Hope everyone enjoys this story as much as we did while writing. 🙂

Parinati / kooltoad

This was such a beautiful experience. Finally coming out of my shell and penning down my thoughts and imaginations on ArHi. Thank you so much Sari for stringing them together with your beautiful phrases and words. Hopefully everyone likes it as much as we enjoyed writing it. Cheers to new beginnings and hopefully many more stories to come..

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