Arshi Two Shot – The rainbow after the storm Part 2

Part 1 –

{Author’s Note} Ever since I wrote the story, “The Rainbow After The Storm Part 1 ” I had promised myself, if and whenever a new baby arrives, I will make sure and write a second part to the story. So here I am! But nearly 5 months late though… the baby is days away from 5 months; my baby cousin. 

There being a second part to this story means that;

“There’s always a light at the end of the dark tunnel.”

Part Two

Khushi blinked her eyes a few times trying to process what she was seeing in front of her. Two lines on the pregnancy test; it was positive. She glanced to her side, looking at the other pregnancy test she had taken minutes ago, also positive. She clasped her hands over her mouth processing the results.

She had been waiting for this moment for the past year and a few months now. Ever since that unfortunate day, she had dreamed about the moment where she would carry a symbol of Arnav’s and her unconditional love.

She lifted her top and slid her hand down to her stomach. She caressed her still invisible bump and said, “You’re really there… I can’t believe it.” A few teardrops streamed down her face.


Just then an impatient knock on the bathroom door made her look up. She heard the voice of her husband coming from behind the closed door, “Khushi… sweetheart are you okay in there? Its been a while… I’m getting worried!” She wiped her tears and opened the door just as Arnav was about to knock it again.

Taking a good look at Khushi’s puffy eyes and red nose, he took her into his arms, “Sweetheart its okay we’ll try again, I pr…” Before he could continue she pulled back and held up the two tests in front of him. They had done so many tests in the past year that when he saw the two lines on each stick, he immediately knew they were positive.

He widened his eyes and took the tests out of her hand. He studied the tests to make sure he was not imagining the two lines. Once satisfied that it was indeed real Arnav looked up and exclaimed, “Khushi we… we’re pregnant!” She nodded her head, “We’re gonna have a baby.” She hugged him tightly.

He caressed her hair and kissed her temple, “Sweetheart we’re gonna be parents…” Khushi sniffled and nodded against Arnav’s chest.

Later that day Arnav and Khushi visited a gynecologist at the hospital for Khushi’s checkup, where Khushi’s blood tests and ultrasound were performed.

“Congratulations Mr and Mrs Raizada, you are approximately four weeks along.” The doctor announced to the couple and then he began going through Khushi’s file history. Khushi intertwined her hand with Arnav’s as they listened to the doctor.


 “Seeing Khushi’s history, there are some precautions to be taken to ensure a safe delivery.” The doctor went on to explain everything and answered all of their queries.

After the doctor’s appointment, Arnav and Khushi headed straight for Shantivan. When they entered the living room, to their surprise Khushi’s parents were also present, they came over to visit. Arnav and Khushi looked at each other knowing it was the right time to make their announcement.

Arnav encircled his left arm around Khushi, “Khushi and I have some news to share with everyone.” Everyone looked at the couple giving their full attention.  Arnav placed his right palm on Khushi’s stomach and said, “We’re pregnant.”

The living room erupted in shrieks and gasps. Everyone got up and rushed over to the beaming couple, offering their congratulations and sharing their happiness.


Over the months, Arnav cared for her every need. He experienced everything with Khushi, just like he did the first time. He made sure he was there for Khushi when she got her morning sickness, when her feet were swollen he would rub them, he made her feel loved, brought everything she craved for, when she threw a tantrum he would kiss her and let her have her way. He took care of her eating and sleeping habits, always reminding her to take her medicines on time. They spent hours talking and reading to their baby.

As Khushi’s 7th month came, Arnav organized Khushi’s godh barai and invited their closest family and friends, of course with the help of Anjali, Payal and Nani. On the day of the godh barai, the entire house was decorated as if it were a palace. Anjali and Payal got Khushi dressed in a beautiful red lengha choli, designed by Arnav himself. As the ceremony began, Arnav remained at her side and observed everything that was done step by step. The smile on Khushi’s face throughout the ceremony warmed Arnav’s heart. It was a beautiful evening for the expectant parents.

The past few months all felt like a dream to them.  After what happened with their first baby, this time around of course they were happy but at the back of their minds they had a fear that something may go wrong again. That maybe they will go through the same pain again. They knew this fear would only go away when they see their baby, only then would they be at peace.

As Khushi’s due date neared, Arnav remained at home, working from his bedroom, in case of any emergency he was close to Khushi. On the estimated due date Khushi and Arnav went into the hospital, as she didn’t show any signs of labour as yet. She was admitted into the hospital and induced. After some time, she was not making any progress so the doctor advised the safest way to go from then onwards would be to perform a c section. Arnav and Khushi consented to this and their family members quickly visited Khushi before her surgery. Finally Arnav and Khushi were left alone to say their goodbyes.  

Arnav kissed her hand, “I love you Khushi.”

Khushi smiled and kissed his lips softly, “I love you too Arnav.”
Arnav placed a kiss on Khushi’s stomach and whispered, “See you in a bit little one.” They hugged each other.


Khushi was taken to the OR for her surgery, while the Raizada and Gupta family filled the waiting room of the labour and delivery ward. Everyone’s face expressed nervousness and anxiety. After what seemed like eternity, but in reality was at least a half hour, a nurse entered the waiting room and said, “Mrs Khushi Singh Raizada…”

 Arnav stood up immediately, “Yes I’m her husband. How is she?”

The nurse smiled, “Your wife is completely fine. And congratulations you’re a daddy of a bouncing baby boy.”

Arnav smiled widely, “Thank you so much!”

The nurse then said, “We’re getting them settled into the post-delivery ward and then you can visit them in half hour.” Arnav nodded and the nurse left. Arnav was showered with congratulations and countless amounts of hugs and kisses from the family. Arnav headed to the nearest flower shop and bought a bunch of Khushi’s favourite red roses and picked up a baby balloon saying It’s a boy,’ then he returned to the hospital.

When Arnav returned, the nurse took him up to meet his wife and son while the rest of the family remained in the waiting room. Arnav entered the room Khushi was in and felt his heartbeat increase. He saw Khushi lying on the bed and the baby bassinet next to her. He set the balloon on the floor and the flowers on the side table. Once his hands were free, he immediately kissed Khushi’s forehead.

She smiled, her eyes glistening with tears ready to spill, “He’s here.” Arnav nodded and looked over to the tiny life in the bassinet. He cupped her face and pecked her softly on her lips, “I love you Khushi. Thank you.” Khushi smiled and touched his face, “I love you too.” She shifted a strand of hair from his face, “He looks just like you.”

Arnav left Khushi’s side and walked to the other side of the hospital bed where the bassinet was. He looked at his son with curious eyes. It was still sinking in that he was looking at his son before him. He was really here. Their baby was here. After waiting for years and months, hopes raised and then disappointment, they got the fruit of their faith and the beautiful dawn after the darkness they had been through. He touched his son’s tiny feet, feeling his hand against the soft and warmth of his newborn was a euphoric sensation.

 He leaned over and kissed Khushi’s forehead again. “He’s beautiful sweetheart.” A soft knock on the door came and Arnav opened the door, letting in the ecstatic family. They congratulated Khushi and kissed her gently but refrained from hugging her due to the surgery. They then moved towards the little bundle of joy. Everyone started tearing up seeing the baby was finally here.

After spending two days in the hospital, Khushi and the baby were deemed healthy to go home. They were discharged and Arnav drove their little family home. When they arrived at Shantivan, Nani performed the arati of Arnav, Khushi and their baby and did the other necessary rituals before they entered the house.

Arnav took Khushi and the baby upstairs to rest while the remainder of the family stayed downstairs to give them some alone time. Arnav gently placed the baby in his crib which was situated at the side of Arnav and Khushi’s bed. He then helped Khushi into their bed to rest. Arnav lay beside her and looked on at their son’s sleeping figure. Arnav smiled but his smile turned to a sad one when he remembered their angel, their first born. He looked at Khushi, who had tears in her eyes, he knew she was thinking about their daughter as well.

He got up and took out a familiar book entitled “Our baby book” out of the cupboard. He sat next to Khushi and they went through each page, one after the other and then finally to the picture of their first born, their daughter Aashna. They had decided on this name, a few months into the pregnancy, when Arnav and Khushi had found out that the gender of their first baby was a girl. The name meant  affection and pure heavenly love. The name was much more significant when she was born still; she was stillborn. Despite not being able to see their baby open her eyes or see her take her first breath, Arnav and Khushi loved her deeply, it was a unique love, almost heaven like. They never got to see their angel grow up and call them mummy and daddy, she was frozen in time… but the few moments they got to see her face and hold her at her birth, it was precious.

They wished they had their daughter in their arms, she might have been looking in amazement at her newborn baby brother. They imagined her to be fair like Khushi was, chubby cheeks, curly hair, chocolate brown eyes like her father, making the famous O expression when she got into trouble, running around the house just like the naughty child her daddy was. She would have had a heart as big as Arnav’s and a kind giving soul like Khushi. They wove so many dreams with Aashna, no one could really know or feel the pain Arnav and Khushi shouldered.

Arnav gulped and said, “You’re a big sister Aashna… you have a brother sweetie.”

Khushi placed her head on Arnav’s shoulder and glanced at the sky through the window, “Our angel is looking down on us and her brother.”

Arnav held Khushi’s hand, “She is the brightest tarah (star) in the sky!”

From their nightstand, Arnav picked up the baby book which contained their son’s pregnancy. Arnav and Khushi filled in the missing data from his first day, ‘ his birth’ till now and added their son’s first photo that Arnav clicked and developed at a studio, it was a photo of their son when he was just hours old. They placed a kiss on each of their children’s photo and closed the books.

Arnav encircled his arms around Khushi and kissed her forehead. “I love you sweetheart.”

Khushi held the two books against her heart and leaned closer into Arnav’s chest. “I love you too baby.”


On the day of the naming ceremony a few days later, Arnav and Khushi named their son Astitva. The name held a lot of importance, it meant identity and existence. Astitva was the reason for his parent’s existence and identity; he brought happiness in their lives.

Over the weeks, Arnav managed to get the hang of the Astitva’s routine, from the feeds, to the nappy changes, to his sleeping patterns. Arnav was like a super dad, Khushi was really proud of him. Khushi was healing well from the surgery and long back to doing everything but still Arnav made sure she did not strain herself too much.


Khushi looked on at her now 5 month old son rolling over on their bed while Arnav was videotaping the moment.  As soon as Astitva rolled over he started giggling and looked over at his parents, making Arnav and Khushi burst into laughter and clap for their son. Arnav put the videocam aside and kissed his son’s forehead while Khushi blew raspberries on Astitva’s stomach. The entire room was filled with the laughter of the little family.

Their lives were filled with happiness, pure elation. They would never be able to forget their daughter, nor did they desire to forget her, she would always be a part of them. But the pain and emptiness of her not being there physically in their lives was filled by her brother, Astitva. 


{Another author’s note} Please read.

No one knows why things happen the way they do. “Why us?” is sometimes the most common question. Through life experiences I have learnt that it all happens for a reason. God gives us how much we can take. God tests our beliefs and our faith. God guides us and teaches to never lose hope and keep your faith intact even in the worst of times. Today may be dark and you may not be able to see the path in front of you, but always remember tomorrow is a new day and the dawn will bring light into your lives. Trust yourself, not immediately but surely you will smile again. You will be happy again. On a personal level, right now this is the happiest I have been for a very long time. These past few months with the arrival of the baby, Shivam, life has taken a new turn. He came as a new hope and inspires us all. He really restored the happiness and has become the unifying factor for our family.

For those questioning exactly what happened.
My aunt and uncle had a stillbirth almost three years ago. The baby girl’s name was Amba. I saw what they experienced these past few years and was inspired to write on it. My words will never match how they truly felt but I wanted to loosely share it with the aid of Arshi. In Feb of this year they welcomed a son, Shivam.

Those who follow my twitter would know Shivam. If you don’t though… Here’s a few pictures of him from my twitter and my instagram;Smile

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