Arshi Two Shot – My Personal Trainer/Husband Part 2

Part 1 –

Part 2

Arnav, Khushi, Arhaan, Arohi and Arnav’s parents had dinner.  Arnav’s parents retired to their room after dinner and Khushi cleaned up the kitchen.

As Khushi was cleaning up, Arnav put the kids to bed and was already in the gym doing hisworkout. Khushi made a little detour before she made her way to the gym room.

When Arnav saw Khushi walk inside the gym room, he nearly fell off of the treadmill.

Khushi moved closer to Arnav as he stopped the treadmill.

“Arnav, you’re staring!”



She motioned to him, “You’re staring.”

He shook his head, “No im thinking.”

Khushi made an “O” expression, “Hey, you used my line from yesterday.”

He pulled her close and encircled his arms around her waist, “Im thinking about how I managed to get such a sexy wife.” His face inched closer to hers, “Khushi” He whispered in his husky voice.

“Arr naa v” She managed to let out. She tried to compose herself, “No’ we’re here to exercise, yesterday was the first day of the training and we didn’t do any work out.”

Arnav spoke into her ear, “Khushi, can’t you remember, we started our ‘work out’ here in the gym and it ended up shifting to the bedroom.”


Khushi bit her lip, “Arnav’ please, Exerciseee”


Arnav gave his wife one good look, “Okay fine!!”

Khushi smiled, “So where do we start?”

Arnav replied, “Your legs!”

“ARNAV!!” Khushi made a stern face.

Arnav smirked, “Khushi I meant we start with your legs, meaning the treadmill. 30 minutes there, then we can try something else.”

Khushi narrowed her eyes, “Oh okay, lets start then.”

Arnav held his finger up in the air, “Nuh Uh, not us’ you alone, I’m sitting down, I already did my workout.”

She pouted, “Okay fine.”

After walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes, she stopped it, “Now what?”


Arnav got up and moved towards her, “Hmm, now lets do some sit ups.”

Khushi said, “But I don’t know how'”            


Arnav replied, “I’ll show you.

Saying that Arnav lay on his back and did a demo sit up, while Khushi watched. After which, Arnav made Khushi lay on her back and he held her feet in place with his hands.

Khushi was about to try the sit up but stopped when she felt Arnav trailing his hand along her foot. She looked at him, a smirk plastered on his face.

Khushi fumed, “Arnav you promised, why can’t you take this seriously.”

Khushi continued, “I can’t concentrate with you doing that'”


Arnav surrendered his hands and placed it back on her ankles, holding her in place, “Fine’ come on do it”

After a few failed attempts, she wanted to give up, but of course Arnav Singh Raizada wasn’t gonna take no for an answer. Arnav stared at her waiting for her to continue.

Khushi looked at Arnav and decided that she’d try again, she didn’t want to disappoint. She took a deep breath and while looking at her stern laad governer’s face, she completed her sit up.

Khushi sat up, “Yay, I did it.”

Arnav was happy she finally grasped the concept, “Yup, now lets do some more.”

Khushi excitedly said, “Okay.”   

With the same smile mirrored on each other’s face, they continued doing about 15 more sit ups.

She wiped away the sweat away that was building on her forehead, “I’m done, finally.”

Arnav pulled her up from the floor and said, “Okay now about 100 more sessions of this and you’ll be fit and fine according to you.”


Khushi exclaimed, “ARNAV ARE YOU MAD?”


Arnav stated, “You wanted to work out right?! And to your question, yes… you’ve made me fall ‘madly’ in love with you.”


Khushi smiled, but the smile vanished as Arnav continued speaking.

“Okay so Khushi, you have to eat right, proper diet, fruits, and vegetables.”


She picked up on the last two words, “Fruits and vegetables?!”

Arnav nodded, “Yes, the food I eat Khushi.”

She frowned, “Noo’ please I can’t.”

Arnav stated, “Khushi, you’re behaving like the kids! Fruits and vegetables are important”


Khushi chimed in, “Jalebis are important too”

Arnav chuckled, “For you maybe, but not according to the ‘get Mrs Raizada to look fit and fine rule book.’ Okay!! “


Khushi stomped her feet, “You’re mean, no more Mr. Sexy.”
Arnav smiled at her, “That’s not gonna change what I just said, Fruits and Vegetables, no jalebis!!”

Khushi turned away from him, “Okay fine, no more bedroom workouts from now on”

Arnav’s face fell, “What, Why?”

Khushi folded her arms, “I can and I will, how about that Mr. Not Sexy.”


Arnav turned her to face him, “Khushi what kind of punishment is this, Khushi’you”


Khushi was looking in the opposite direction, with her arms still folded.

Arnav sighed, “Okay fine you can have your jalebis then.”


Khushi was about to hug him, when he protested.


Arnav stated, “But you have to eat healthy, at least some fruits and vegetables.”


Khushi complied, “Okay fine’but some only.”                     


Arnav nodded and Khushi hugged him.

Arnav picked her up, making his way to their bedroom, for their bedroom workout now. Wink


After a few months of hard work from both the trainer and the student, it paid off. Khushi felt her best and definitely looked her best. She was so proud and she felt happy in her own skin again.

Arnav didn’t have any problem with how Khushi looked before she started working out, but now that she was happy, he too was happy.

Of course he loved how she looked now; no doubt, she was much toned than she was ever was and she was fit.

Now she was Mrs. Sexy Khushi Singh Raizada alongside her Mr. Sexy Arnav  Singh Raizada.


Arnav pulled Khushi onto his chest, “Come on lets have our bedroom workout.”

Khushi got out of his grasp and laid on her side of the bed, “No Arnav, I’m not in the mood.”

Arnav looked at Khushi with a worried face, “What’s wrong??”

She shook her head, “Nothing, I just wanna sleep, I’m tired.”

Arnav kissed her forehead and pulled her in for a hug, “Okay, lets sleep then.”

Arnav woke up to see Khushi missing from the bed. He went into the bathroom and she wasn’t there either. Arnav said out loud, “Its 2am, where could she be?”

He knew it was either two places she could be. He went to the kitchen and saw the mess.

Arnav thought, ‘She made jalebis. So she was tensed last night about something.’

He made his way to the gym room. There he saw her sitting on the chair. Her back was turned to him, so he quietly went up from behind and hugged her.

Arnav came in front of her before she could react. He saw her puffy eyes and the empty plate of jalebis, he knew something was off.

Arnav knelt down, “Khushi are you okay?”

She looked away from him; he held her chin and made her look at him.

Arnav held her shoulder, “What’s bothering you?”

Khushi opened her palm and held it in front of him.

Arnav looked at her hand, “Is it?”

Khushi confirmed, “Yeah, it’s positive.”       


Arnav took the pregnancy stick out of his wife’s hand and inspected it. A rainbow of emotions hit Arnav and he pulled Khushi into his arms.

He whispered into her ear, “I love you.”

When she didn’t respond to him, he pulled back.

She was on the verge of crying again, “Arnav, do you want this?”

“Khushi what kind of question is that? Of course I do.”

“I meant, we had agreed on just two. And after all the workouts and everything, you’re not upset with me?”


“Why would I be? No matter what shape or size you are Khushi, I love you the way you are’ you’re mine forever. And now we’re having another little one to symbolize our love for each other.”




“You know Khushi; I don’t think I can be a personal trainer again, my husband job is far more entertaining and rewarding.” He touched her still flat stomach, “Now we’re gonna see the fruit of all of those bedroom workouts”


Khushi pressed her forehead onto Arnav’s and smiled, “Yeah, but you’ll always be my personal trainer/husband.”

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