Arshi Two Shot – My Personal Trainer/Husband Part 1

Khushi strolled inside the home gym with a water bottle in tow.  Arnav took the water bottle and waved his hand in front of his wife, “Khushi you’re staring.”

Breaking her trance she replied, “Huh, no im thinking.”

He chuckled and sipped his water, “Okay, you were thinking then!”


He put his headphones into his ears and began jogging on the treadmill, while Khushi lingered around the gym room. She looked over at Arnav and saw that he was concentrated on his jogging, she swiftly picked up a 1 pound weight’ but she misbalanced and it nearly fell on her toe.


Arnav had glanced right into the mirror the same time she picked up the weight, making him see what had happened. He stopped the treadmill abruptly and rushed over to her.


He held her shoulders, “You okay?” She nodded. He looked at her in question, “What were you trying to do?”


She quickly replied, “Nothing I was working out too.” He widened his eyes, “Working out and you?”

“Yeah, why not?” She picked up the 1 pound weight and it nearly fell out of her hand again.

“You’re holding it wrong, you know” He came behind her and placed his arms around her, holding onto her hand, he raised the weight the right way.

She glanced at their figures in the mirror.

“Arnavji can i ask you something?”

He nodded.

“Do i look fat?”


The question caused Arnav to drop the weight from his and Khushi’s hand. He picked up the weight and placed it on the rack.

” I knew it… I’m fat “

“Khushi, I didnt say so.”

She frowned, “You didnt reply either!”

He surrendered his hands in the air, ” Okay listen… you’ve gotten more curvy since you had our two babies… but you’re definitely not fat”

“I feel fat” She said not convinced.

“I love you the way you are… and i think you look more sexy like this” He smirked.


Ignoring what he said… Khushi said, “Hmm.. but i don’t love me like this…” She pointed to him, “Look at your Mr. Sexy fit and fine Arnav Singh Raizada; my husband and look at me, Mrs Not so sexy Khushi Singh Raizada your wife.”

“Khushi its baby weight.”

“You helped in making our babies, i don’t see you having any baby weight.”

He laughed.

“You see…you’re laughing at me.”

She folded her arms and turned away from him.

He turned her to face him, “You and i both know it doesnt work like that… Okay, Listen i can train you.. help get you back into shape. Happy?”

Her frown turned into an immediate smile, “Really?!!”

“Yup…” He winked at her, ” And this way we can spend more time here.”


He smirked, “So are you ready for me to be your personal trainer/husband?”

“I’m ready when you are sexy!!”
She winked at him.

“Hey you are my student here… none of that” He said with semi amused face.

She made an “O” face and pulled him close, ” So i guess none of this too right?!” She moved to his neck and placed a kiss there.

When she got no reply she smiled mischievously, “Okay… then i’ll see you for class, later ” She pulled away.

He grabbed her and she collided against his chest. ” Maybe we can bend the rules a bit.”

“Ohh.. So Sexy, oops i mean Mr Sexy wants to bend the rules…” She took a good look at him,” Okay the student seems to have no problem with that.”

He smirked, ” Yeah… neither does this teacher…”


 He was about to kiss her when they heard two voices,

 ” Mum…”

” Da Da ”

They looked up at each other and said in unison, ” The kids. ”

Arnav whispered into Khushi’s ear, ” You me, later… for our lesson ”

As if on cue, the kids ran into the room; Arnav lifted his 5yr old daughter Arohi and his 2yr old son Arhaan into his arms.


Arnav walked out of the room with the kids, but not before taking a quick glance back  at his wife turning crimson red.

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