Arshi Two Shot – Sexy Arnav Diaries Part 2

Part 2  – Arnav’s Sexy Towel

{This shot can be read as a part 2 in a small collection of ‘sexy shots.’ The first part was‘Arnav’s Sexy Boxers.‘  If you haven’t read it already, do read it. But this part can also be read on its own, as it doesn’t continue from the previous part.}

Arnav’s Sexy Boxers

Whenever we see Barun shirtless we lose ourselves a little. Khushi’s situation here is no different.



Khushi sat cross legged on the bed watching her favourite Indian TV serial for the past 2 hours as there was a marathon of it. {If ipkknd was showing as a marathon, one episode after the other continuously, we would all be glued to the TV all day long as well.}

Hearing the bathroom door click she turned her head towards the door. There stood her husband fresh out of the shower, with his towel loosely draped along his lower abdomen.

Water droplets trickled down his hair and onto his face. The droplets continued traveling; from his broad shoulder blades to his chest, onto his abs and finally disappearing beneath his white towel.

No matter how many times Khushi had seen Arnav, every time felt like the first. She called him her personal Greek God Arnav.’ His widow’s peak, his sexy eyebrows, and the way they moved along with his words and expressions. His nose, it widened to accommodate his hearty laugh and smiles.  The light stubble he sported that defined his jaw line. His pink luscious lips, they looked juicy. Khushi bit her lips thinking of how she wanted her lips to be on his.

The sound of someone clearing their throat called Khushi back to Earth. She saw her husband raise his eyebrow while wearing a smirk on his face. Arnav leaned over, now hovering over Khushi. Water droplets fell onto her face. Using her tongue, Khushi licked a droplet that had landed on her plump lips.

Arnav held her cheeks and pecked her lips. Arnav half sat on the bed, leaning towards Khushi, while her back now rested against the headboard.

Arnav kissed Khushi and her hands automatically found their way to Arnav’s hair. She pulled him, making him lie on top of her now.

Arnav whispered into her ear, “You still want to watch your TV serial?”

Khushi looked at the TV and then at Arnav. She reached for the remote and Arnav assuming that she made her choice, he pulled away from her. Just as he was about to get up, she grabbed his hand.

 “Hey mister, where do you think you’re going? I’m not done with you!!” She pointed the remote at the TV, switching it off.  Throwing the remote aside, she pulled Arnav closer and in the process making Arnav’s towel fall onto the floor.

Arnav smirked at his wife’s impatience; he leaned forward and resumed kissing her. Khushi wound her hands around his neck, responding to the kiss.

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