Arshi Two Shot – Sexy Arnav Diaries Part 1

Part 1 – Arnav’s Sexy Boxers

This idea came to me while watching Noreen’s Interview With SaRun when Barun said this line…

 ” I’m usually walking around in my lounge in my boxers.”

Barun’s boxers line made us all have *ahem* some thoughts…

Anyways its short but enjoy the read…

(Author’s note : Arnav and Khushi lives separately from the Raizada Mansion… Because we don’t want anyone walking in on the GREEK GOD’s private show for his Khushi madam.




“Yeah jiji.” Khushi replied into the receiver while sitting cross legged on the couch.

“How are the others?” She asked while munching on a jalebi from her plate.

She smiled as she heard Payal’s reply.

While talking to Payal, all of a sudden she saw Arnav strut across the living room and made his way into the kitchen.

Khushi rubbed her eyes thinking she was hallucinating. Was Arnavji really in his boxers alone?’

She stared into space for a few seconds.

Payal’s voice brought Khushi back to earth, “Khushi… Khushi are you there?”

Khushi stammered, “Yeah I’m here”

Payal started the conversation again and Khushi contributed but this was short lived as her attention was yet again diverted when Arnav came into the living room with a red juicy apple and a bottle of water.

Khushi eyes lingered on him and she thought, So I wasn’t hallucinating… ‘

Arnav sat next to her and switched on the TV. He glanced at Khushi, who was gawking at him.

He raised his eyebrows and held the apple in front of her, asking if she wanted a bite.

She shook her head and looked away, resuming her conversation with Payal.

He shrugged and bit his apple.

He continued eating his apple while Khushi kept stealing a glance at him. When he was done, he opened the water and gulped some down.

Unfortunately some spilled on him, well quite a bit. As he just had his boxers on the water trickled down his chest and wet his boxers.

Fortunately, for Khushi it was quite the sight. She listened to Payal with her ears but her eyes were glued to Arnav.

It was a treat for her to see her husband touching his chest, his abs and then his boxers, in attempt to wipe away the water.

Khushi bit her lip, “Jiji I have to go…” She choked out, “Something urgent.”

She ended the call and got up, “Mr Raizada upstairs now, your boxers is all wet, and we need to get you out of it.”

Arnav smirked as he thought, Just what I wanted.’

They had moved out to get some privacy but since they moved, Madam Khushi would go on and on talking to Payal despite living a few streets from away from each other.Arnav had no other choice, not that Khushi had any problem with his little show.

She grabbed his hands and led him upstairs, urgently getting him out of those boxers.  Wink



Part 2 – Arnav’s Sexy Towel

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