Arshi One Shot – Memories

As the clock struck 12, Khushi’s birthday had come to an end. Arnav didn’t wish her this year because her Arnav was gone, it had been six months since it happened yet she still couldn’t believe it. She sat near the poolside watching the calm water; she took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. She knew Arnav was safe with both their parents and she was sure he was watching down on their family.

She whispered, “I love you Arnavji!” She wiped her tear stained face and walked inside the room. She lied down on the bed, clutching a photo of Arnav close to herself. She sighed and just as she closed her eyes, she heard a cry. She got up and placed the photo on the side table.

She took her seven month old baby out of the crib and brought her to the bed. She rocked Ananya in her arms. She started singing for her little princess but that didn’t help either. She opened the drawer in the side table and took out a DVD.


Flashback starts

A little more than 6 months ago, (Ananya was a two weeks old)

Khushi thought Arnav was mad;

Khushi: Arnav, what are you doing? (She said holding up the video camera)

Arnav: (He took the video camera away from her) I think it’s a cute thing to do for my princess and plus when I’m gone…

Khushi: Arnav!!! (She holds her hand against his mouth) Don’t say that.

Arnav: (He moves her hand) Khushi, I meant when I’m gone on business trips and I can’t call you right away, you can play it for her, she’ll be able to see me and hear my voice!

Khushi: Promise me, you’re not leaving me and going anywhere!!

Arnav: I promise!!!  (He hugged her) Now, let me record this!

Khushi: Okay fine.

Flashback ends



That promise of Arnav was short lived. A week after he had made the recording, while coming home from the office late at night, Arnav had gotten into an accident and he passed away before he arrived at the hospital.

Khushi broke out of the trance when Ananya started to stir. She put the DVD into Arnav’s laptop and pressed play.


Arnav :  If mummy is playing this then it means that you’re missing your daddy or else your Mumma is missing me. Daddy loves you both. Baby, don’t trouble mummy too much, I’ll be back soon.  I’m sure she tried singing to you, right?! Hmm, let me tell you a little secret, mummy sings pretty badly *chuckles* but I know just how to make you smile, singing does the trick for your mumma and now for you too, so listen…(Arnav starts singing) *Barun singing Pee Loon*  (

Khushi’s eyes filled with tears as she saw her husband singing for her. She looked at Ananya; she was fast asleep with a faint smile on her face. Khushi  stopped the video, as she couldn’t finish watching it. She wiped her tears and put Ananya back into her crib.

She laid on the bed. She looked over at Ananya and then she turned to Arnav’s side of the bed and extended her arm, feeling the empty space. She wished she felt warmth but’ It was cold.

No one could ever replace the void that Arnav left. But she had to live, if not for herself then for Ananya, the symbol of the love that she and Arnav shared. She remained facing his side of the bed, and held onto Arnav’s photo till she fell asleep.

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