Arshi Drabble – Baarish Ki Boondein


Khushi wound her arms around herself, ever since she was a little girl, she had loved the rain. She opened the door and walked into the rain. She smiled hearing the sweet hum of the rain envelope her being and the countless tiny raindrops on her skin. She outstretched her hands and closed her eyes as she embraced her love for rain.  She spun around and reveled in the moment as she stamped her bare feet in the dampening grass.  She opened her eyes, completely soaked by the rain, yet the first thought that crossed her mind was that the ambiance was perfect, perfect for her first kiss in between the raindrops, showered in God’s blessing.


Miles apart, the thunder and lightening jolted Arnav awake. He leapt out of his bed and made his way outside, his clothes soaking as he walked into the open courtyard. As he drenched in the rain, his eyes caught sight of the sign which read, “Raizada’s Orphanage.”  His father had envisioned and built the orphanage a few years prior to his death, since then Arnav shouldered the responsibility and carried on the legacy of his father. He was so grateful for the rain. The rain meant that the crops would be watered and its yield would increase by a grave amount. Finally he would not have the worry about how he was going to feed his children of the orphanage.

I was inspired by a few lines written by Gazal from Terribly Tiny Tales. The rest was my imagination unfolded into words in the lives of Arnav and Khushi. These were my lines of inspiration;
To her, it is the setting of a perfect first kiss.
To him, it means his kids won’t starve.
Miles apart, two wet strangers thank the monsoon.

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