Arshi Two Shot – Broken Angel Part 1

This takes place a few days/weeks after Arnav finds out about Khushi testing Aarav’s and his dna.

Arnav heard a soft knock on the glass door of his office, he looked up to see Khushi staring at him. He motioned for her to come in while he finished his phone call, “Aman wait in the conference room with the files, I’ll be there shortly.” He ended the call and looked at her, “Khushi aap yahan?”

Khushi fidgeted and looked down, “Arnavji woh mein… woh…”

Arnav walked around his desk and held her shoulders, “Khushi kya hua?” He looked at his watch, “Bol na Khushi, I’m getting late for a meeting.”

Khushi bit her lip and said it in one go, “Woh Arnavji, hospital se reports aaye…” She indicted to the reports in her hands.

As soon as Arnav heard the word reports, he interrupted Khushi, “Reports, again Khushi?! Can you give me a break! Every minute its either something about Aarav or else Sheetal… I’ve had enough. Its another dna report, isn’t it?

Khushi tried to intervene, “Arnavji ye reports toh…”

Arnav held his hand up, “Bas Khushi… not anymore.”

He ran his hand through his hair, “Day and night, its Aarav mera beta hain… what do you want from me Khushi? For me to accept him, give him my name? Then would you let me touch you huh?… Its been weeks, and everytime I try to get intimate you make some kind of excuse. Its not even the s*x, it’s the fact that you don’t trust me… did I give you a reason for you to behave like this?”

Khushi was on the verge of tears, she opened her mouth but words were unable to form.

Arnav fisted his hands, “Stop this crying faade, are you five Khushi? I’m seriously fed up. You’re acting like a kid… you’re a grown woman for god’s sake.”

Khushi whispered, “Mein… ji…”

Arnav held her shoulders tightly, “Can’t you speak properly? Sometimes I wonder why I even turned up at the mandap to marry you.”

Khushi looked at him, with bloodshot eyes, her tears spilling over, she uttered, “Then why did you?” She felt as if someone was choking her, she needed to get out of there fast. He stood frozen as she tried prying his hands off of her shoulder, “Let me go!”

She repeated louder, “Let me gooo!” She managed to pull his hands off and shoved the reports into his hands, her voice broke while she spoke in just above a whisper, “Its not dna reports, its my pregnancy reports.” Without waiting any further, she scurried out of his suffocating office and ran down the staircase leading herself out the doors of AR.


Arnav opened the reports and read the contents. He closed his eyes in regret, remembering everything he said to Khushi seconds ago. He ran out of AR in search of Khushi.

From a distance he could see her hunched over near his car, as he got closer, he saw her holding her stomach tightly while her face was contorted in pain.  

He rushed towards her and held her in his arms while her eyes drooped and her body loosened itself.

“Khushi, wake up… please be okay…” He saw the lower part of her clothes pooling with blood. He got her into the car and raced to the nearest hospital.



The doctor emerged from the emergency theater and walked to Arnav.

Arnav asked in panic, “Is she okay?”

The doctor said in remorse, “I’m sorry Mr. Raizada, she lost the baby. I have some more bad news, the miscarriage caused some other complications, she may not be able to become a mother. I’m sorry once again. You can go see her, we have informed her about the miscarriage and the complications.” The doctor left.

Arnav tried to digest everything the doctor had just said, he wanted to scream out at the top of his lungs, how could everything fall apart like that? He ruined it all, tears spilled out of his eyes.



With bloodshot eyes, Arnav entered the room and saw her lying on the bed cradling her empty womb. As soon as she saw him, she looked away. Arnav said in a shattered tone, “I’m so sorry Khushi… I…”

Khushi interrupted him, her eyes welled up while she asked, “Why are you sorry? He/she got spared having a father like you. Such a father who wished he never married their mother. Such a father who didn’t wait for a second to let their mother explain herself, my baby deserved love. Only love… was that too much? I guess neither me nor my baby deserved love.”

Arnav dropped to her side and held her hands, “I’ll never forgive myself Khushi… I… I hate myself.”

She pulled her hands out of his grasp, “I want to go home…”

Arnav nodded, “Let’s go home…”

Khushi shook her head, “My home… I want to go to MY home.”

Arnav felt as if someone punched him in the ribs, he didn’t protest though. With a heavy heart he replied, “Okay… as soon as the doctor discharges you.” Arnav left the room as fast as his feet took him. He sunk to the floor outside her room, “Why did she have to go through this, I’m just like my father. I destroyed everything just like him. Nani was right, I’m his son. I’ve proved it. I broke Khushi, I broke an angel.”

Author’s Note; While going through my writing book, I found a draft of this shot. I added some more to it and changed a few things… If you are interested I was thinking of adding another part or two. Not sure yet.

Edited; I added another part. Hope you all enjoy!

Do leave a comment, letting me know how you found it!

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