Arshi One Shot – The Key To My Heart

The Key To My Heart |


Arnav reached for the envelope that was on the coffee table, he took out the paper from inside and unfolded it. His eyes scanned the words of the paper, he immediately reached for his phone, dialing Aman’s number. As Aman picked up, Arnav questioned, “Why is there only one ticket?”


Aman replied, “Khushi bhabhi made me cancel her ticket.”

Arnav murmured, “What the! How did she find out?” surprised that she was aware of his plan, he did not even mention it in front of HP.


Clearing his boss’ confusion, Aman said in a matter of fact tone, “Arnav its Khushi bhabhi, nothing can remain hidden from her.”


Arnav nodded, “Why do I even underestimate her? Okay Aman…”  He said as he ended the call.


Arnav pocketed the mannat ki chabi and his ticket. He got up with the intention of looking for HP, to find out where his wife had hidden herself, he was sure she was still in the house, she had to be, during the years she had definitely changed, but she was still very much a sanka devi, her threats were futile, well most of the time. He added to his thoughts.



Arnav found HP in the kitchen, he cornered him, “Where is she?”

HP looked almost scared, maybe he was a tad bit but he kept his ground, “I don’t know Sir.”

Arnav clenched his jaw, his ASR tone that he reserved for emergencies only, his last resort to get what he wanted. He gritted his teeth, “I know you know where she is. I employed you dammit. Tell me now…”


HP bent his head accepting defeat, sorry Khushi bhabhi, “Errr.. sir she’s in the guest room, the one close to the terrace…”

Arnav nodded, “Thank you.”

HP clutched his chest as his sir left the kitchen, “Why do I get in between this husband and wife? I’ll definitely get a heart attack someday…”


Arnav marched up to the guest bedroom near the terrace, he opened the door and saw Khushi sitting on the bed, in her own world with a jalebi in her mouth,  looking at a program on the television.


“Khushi…” He announced his presence.


Khushi turned to the sound of his voice. She knew he would have found her eventually, but this soon… She knew the loyal HP must have given up her hiding place to his Sir. She huffed not angry at HP but at Arnav, she was sure he rendered HP helpless. “HP can’t keep anything from you. Can he?”

He shrugged, “It wasn’t like I gave him an option anyways…”

She got off the bed and raised her eyebrow, now in front of him.

Arnav moved closer to her, holding the ticket paper in front of her, “Why did you cancel your ticket?”

Khushi folded her arms while Arnav continued, “Khushi listen I’m really sorry I forgot our anniversary again. I love you, you love me… This is what’s important, no date can define what we feel for each other, we were each other’s long before those pheres…”

She murmured, “Hmm.. you still should remember, its our anniversary for god’s sake. It’s the third time you forgot dammit! At least you should remember the farmhouse the night before our wedding, when we…”

He tried to touch her, “Khu…”

She warned him, “Don’t touch me!”

He raised an eyebrow, “That’s not what you said last night…if I remember correctly your words were similar to baby, yes please, don’t stop…”


Khushi was livid at his amused face, “What the… don’t even Arnav Singh Raizada…”

He surrendered his hands mid air and she continued, “Someone fell asleep right before 12, as soon as we fin…”

He interrupted her, folding his arms, “Well if my wife didn’t pounce on me last night like a lioness, I probably would have had some energy left.”

She huffed yet again, “It’s not my fault you were exhausted, you… you tamed lion… you laad governor… you…”


Arnav touched her shoulder seeing her riling up further, “Okay okay… I admit I’m the worst husband, forgetting a wedding anniversary three times in a row is unacceptable. I’m really sorry. I really want to make up for it, I want to take you to the Dargah in Lucknow where we bumped into each other for the second time… I thought we’d open the wish locks from all those years ago…but… you cancelled your ticket…”

Khushi looked into his eyes, those brown eyes that made her feel like she could drown in them, she had to tell him now, she was never good at secrets… especially not with him in front of her like this. She began losing sight of her anger, before she knew it, she heard herself speak, “I cancelled my ticket because I can’t open my wish lock as my wish is yet to be fulfilled, well part of it at least. Di got her wish, for you to get love in your life, me. But do you know what I asked for?”

He shook his head and she continued, “I asked for my family to be happy, to have a good husband and finally to have a little family of my own…”  

He listened to her attentively, “Okay…”

She bit her lip, “What I’m trying to say is that, I can’t open my lock yet because the wish won’t be fulfilled until 8 months from now.”

He stepped back, “What? I mean…”

She took his hand and held it against her stomach, “I mean we’re having a baby…so I can’t open my lock till the baby comes…”

His eyes darted to where his hand was on her stomach, he looked up at her to meet her twinkling eyes. “You’re pregnant?”

She nodded as he caressed her stomach, “We’re pregnant!”

He leaned forward and captured her lips into a kiss, “I love you dammit!”

She murmured against his lips, “Hum bhi aapse I love you dammit.”

He wiped away the tear that escaped her eyes and wrapped his arms around her.

She was the only one who could make him feel something, make his heart race, open the lock of his heart that he thought was locked away forever. As long as she was there, his heart would always beat, would always dance when he saw her, his heart would feel her presence.  She was the key to his heart. Hamesha!

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