Arshi OS – Year 2056 , November 30th

Year 2056


Arnav with thick rimmed glasses sat on the couch of his living room with his grandchildren.

“How did you and nani first meet and how did you all get married?” An eagar Ayashi asked.

Arnav pushed his glasses up on his nose and began, “Your nani and I met 45 years ago in Lucknow. She accidently came on stage at one of my fashion shows. She slipped and she fell off the stage and I caught her in my arms.”

Aashish interrupted, “What?! You caught Nani” Ayashi added, “Nani literally fell for Nana… How romantic!” Ayashi and her brother Aashish burst out into laughter.

Arnav looked at his grandchildren, “Where was I?… oh yes, so we started fighting a lot from then on as we met each other for some reason or the other. We even got Payal nani and Akash nana’s wedding fixed up.”


Aashish intervened, “Nana tell us the interesting part na.”


“Aashu beta kya interesting part? Aapki nana ne kabhi ek interesting baat kahi kya?” (Aashu what interesting part? Have your nana ever said something interesting?) Khushi amusingly said as she sat next to Arnav on the couch.

Arnav warned, “Khushi!” She looked at him and chuckled, “What Khushi? You know its true.” Arnav frowned at her and Khushi pulled his cheeks.

Ayashi urged Khushi to continue the story.

Khushi nodded at her granddaughter and started, “So we got married the same day your Payal nani and Akash nana got married.”

She saw the expressions on her eager grandchildren’s faces and quickly stated, “How and why is a long story but anyways when Arnav nana’s dadi came, she told us we had to remarry each other so we agreed and we got married again.”

She raised her hands dramatically and said, “So here we are so many years later.”

Aashish picked up a dvd and asked, “So these wedding videos are from the 2nd wedding?”

“Yeah!” Arnav replied.

“Ohh… lets watch the wedding videos then!” Ayashi chimed.

Arnav and Khushi agreed and Aashish put the dvd into the player. He settled next to Ayashi on the couch that was next to the one his grandparents were on.  Ayashi and Aashish glued their eyes on the tv screen.

Arnav put his arm around Khushi. She looked at him and smiled as he pulled her closer to him. She wound her arm around him as well, resting her head on his chest.


Video: It was Arnav and Khushi’s roka ceremony. They exchanged rings and everyone started dancing. All of a sudden Arnav pulled Khushi away from dancing and started for the stairs.”


Aashish turned his head in the direction of his grandparents. “Nana, Nani… why did you all disappear?”


Khushi widened her eyes and started blushing. Arnav on the other hand gave a slight smirk remembering where they had disappeared to.


Ayashi asked, “Nani, nana… what are you all thinking about?”

Arnav and Khushi’s trance was broken. Khushi lifted her head from Arnav’s chest and relaxed against the back of the couch.

“Err, nothing you all watch the video!!” Arnav uttered to them. The children resumed watching the video and Arnav looked at his wife’s face. She had turned a new shade of red, by her face he knew she was remembering that day by the pool. It was still fresh in their memories.

Even after so many years, Arnav Singh Raizada still had it in him; he could still make his wife, Mrs Khushi Kumari Guptaa Singh Raizada turn tomato red in the blink of a second.



Video: It was the sangeet now.



“Nana proposed so filmy!!” Ayashi squealed.

 Aashish high fived Arnav, “Good going Nana.”


Arnav and Khushi smiled at their grandchildren and remembered when they had said that they would watch their wedding videos lots of years from then and they would say, “What a day that was!!”

Indeed what a day that was. Arnav and Khushi thought.

Arnav whispered in his older yet husky voice, “What the, remember you had said in our sangeet i would say that when we watch these videos.”

Khushi laughed, “Haan”

They remembered their lives along the years… every moment that they spent together.

From the moment they met each other in 2011, it was all destiny. After all that they had been through together, they made it. They got properly married with all the pheres and they started their newly wedded life together.

After adopting Aarav and winning the Mrs India contest, Khushi had found out that she was pregnant. Everyone was elated, especially Aarav, he was going to be a big brother.

Khushi gave birth to a girl 2013; their princess. They named her Aridhi. Arnav set no stone unturned to prepare for his two angel’s arrival from the hospital. When Khushi arrived at home with Arnav and their little baby, she was welcomed by the Raizada’s and the Gupta’s, the entire house was beautifully decorated.

Their little family was complete… well almost.

After four years, in 2017 Khushi requested to Arnav that they should adopt another child; Arnav agreed. Two weeks later Arnav and Khushi brought home a beautiful four month old baby girl from the orphanage.

One year passed. It was November 30th 2018.  This day was a special one, Khushi was in the hospital having their fourth baby. At 8pm, Khushi gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Now their family was truly complete.

Arnav and Khushi surely had their hands full; Aarav was ten years, Aridhi was five years, Kaya was one year and their newest addition, Karsh was just a few hours old.



Arnav directed their children into the hospital room where Khushi was. Aarav stood at the foot of the bed and Aridhi sat on the edge of the bed next to her mama. Kaya remained nestled in her daddy’s arms.

Arnav spoke, “Look in mama’s hands, its your baby brother, Karsh.” Aridhi got excited, while Kaya was a little confused.

Khushi called Aarav to come near her. Aarav came and sat on the stool next to the bed. “Aarav this is your brother, do you want to hold him?”

Aarav declined, “Mom, dad… do you still love me?”

Khushi immediately looked at Arnav.

Khushi answered, “Of course we do. Why do you think?”

Aarav replied, “Because you have your real son now… I’m just…”

Arnav came close to Aarav and spoke, “Aarav you’re our first son, our first child… don’t you ever think differently.”

Khushi added, “You’ll always be my first. Don’t you ever forget that.”

Aarav nodded and said, “Can I hold the baby?”

Khushi nodded and gave him the baby. Khushi took Kaya and Aridhi into her arm and kissed them.

Arnav stood next to his two sons and watched on as Aarav played with Karsh.

The family entered and aww’ed at the perfect picture they saw; Khushi with her daughters and Arnav with his sons. Just perfect. Everyone took turns in seeing and showering their love on the new baby.


Over the years the four siblings were very close; inseparable. All the children were involved in AR Designs. Aarav took over Arnav’s business later on and expanded it, making it bigger and better. Making his father proud. Soon after he got married to a bubbly and chirpy girl, named Naiya, who was a lot like Khushi. In the years to follow Aridhi got married to Nikhil, Kaya to Ruhaan and Karsh to Samya.

Aridhi and Kaya moved to their husband’s homes while Aarav and Karsh remained with their parents. Ayashi and Aashish were Aarav’s and Naiya’s children. Aridhi and Nikhil’s children were Nisha and Prathik. Kaya and Ruhaan had twin boys; Rishan and Vishan. Lastly, Karsh and Samya had three little children; Swayam, Shravan and Shaili.  



Arnav and Khushi came out of their thoughts when they heard the burst of excitement in the house. They smiled at each other; their other children and grandchildren had come. Arnav and Khushi whispered ‘ I love you ‘ to each other and Arnav pecked Khushi’s wrinkled forehead.

Just then everyone crowded into the living room and they all wished Karsh a happy birthday; it was November 30th 2056. The day their family was complete.

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