Arshi OS – Sanka Devi

The morning of Arnav and Khushi’s Shagun ritual,
Gupta House.

Khushi opens her eyes and smiled remembering what day it was. Today the Raizada family were coming to give the Shagun. She was getting married to Arnav in the proper way, with all the rituals this time.

She shifted a little and tried to stretch when she realised something was holding back her hand. She turned to see Arnav sleeping next to her, his hand firmly on hers. He had always liked sleeping hand in hand with her and today was no different. Khushi opened her eyes widely, she was shocked to see he was still here.

Khushi shook his shoulder, “Arnavji, Arnavji !!!” 

Arnav shifted and frowned a bit but then went back to sleep.

Khushi frowned, “This laad governor.” She pinched his arm. 

Arnav opened his eyes, “OUCH…. Khushi, What the!!  He rubbed his arm where she had pinched.

Khushi scolded him, “Shhh… dheere bol…” (Speak softly)

He asked in a lower tone, “Khushi, why’d you pinch me?”

Khushi shot back a question, “Why are you here? You’re not supposed to be here.”

He replied and pouted, I slept away, sorry.”

She looked at him, her laad governor was so cute when he said sorry. She smiled and ruffled his hair. 

He complained as he ran his hand through his hand, “Khushi, I’m not a little child.”

She knew he didn’t like it when she ruffled his hair like that but Khushi being Khushi did it anyways. She was about to say something when she heard a knock on her bedroom door. She  jumped off the bed and looked straight at Arnav.

They heard Buaji’s voice. “ Sanka Devi, get up’!!! Arnav bahua and everyone are coming in a while.”

Arnav glanced at the clock on the wall, “Oh shit.. Di is probably looking for me!” 

Khushi said in just above a whisper, “Go” She pushed him off the bed and he began walking towards the door when he stopped short. 

He turned to her, “Ermm…” 

She looked at the window, “Go through here…” 


He goes through the window and turned back to her.

He said, “Hey, I’ll be back soon.”

Khushi nodded, “I’m waiting for you…” 

They smiled at each other and he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Khushi touched her cheek as he walked off towards his car.


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