Arshi OS – Preschool Jitters


This one shot was awarded winner os of the week !!! I’m so happy, i feel like dancing. Thank you a lot for all the love. 


 OS – Preschool Jitters 

by: sarita_barun

An amazing and sweet os about ArHi’s daughter’s first day at school. Smile I won’t say anything more. Embarrassed Read it. Big smile

Here is ur gift:





Arnav turned to Khushi as she combed their daughter’s hair. He asked, “Khushi do we have to take her there?”

Khushi tied Sapna’s hair and gave her to Arnav. She replied, “We aren’t taking her to a jail or something, it’s for her benefit.”

Arnav watched his daughter who was looking at him as if he was her last hope. He turned to Khushi to try again. He started, “But still Khushi…”

Khushi picked up Sapna’s bag, “Arnavji stop.” She headed for the front door. Before going outside she turned back, “Now come on lets go… we’re getting late.”

He nodded at Khushi and she left to go to the car.

Arnav whispered into his daughter’s ear, “Sorry, I guess mama made up her mind.”

Sapna pouted and glued her body onto Arnav as he picked her up.  He got Sapna into the backseat of the car and got into the front where Khushi was already sitting in passenger’s side.


Once they arrived at the school Arnav took Sapna into his arms and walked with her to the class while Khushi held Sapna’s bag.

As soon as they reached the class, Sapna clung onto Arnav tighter and began sobbing into his shirt.

He turned to Khushi, “Khushi look at how she’s crying, this was a bad idea. Let’s take her back home.”

Khushi firmly said, “No Arnavji, she just needs to get used to being in a new environment and besides we have to pick her up in 2 hours as its just her 1st day.”

Arnav calmed Sapna down and gave her a tight hug.

He whispered into her ear, “Be a good girl, mama and I will pick you up soon.” Sapna nodded and Khushi took her into her arms, “Love you baby.” She hugged her.

The teacher took Sapna inside the class and Arnav and Khushi left the school.


Arnav leaned against the car, continuously glancing at his watch while Khushi sat inside the car, staring into space; they were early on Arnav’s insistence. They were waiting for the past half an hour outside of Sapna’s school.

 The bell finally rang and the guard opened the gate. Arnav dashed inside the building before Khushi could even open the car door to get out. By the time Khushi got inside the class she saw Arnav kneeling down to Sapna’s height with Sapna sandwiched between his arms.

Sapna let out in a croaky voice, “Daddy!! You’re choking me.” He immediately let go,“Sorry baby.”

“Its okay daddy.” Sapna smiled.

Khushi stooped to Arnav and Sapna’s level, “Hey baby.”

She hugged Sapna and then released her. She asked, “How was your day?”

Sapna replied happily, “Good mama, I made lots of friends. I can’t wait to see my friends tomorrow.”

Arnav picked up Sapna and said, “Come on lets get you home, you’re probably tired.”

Sapna nodded, “Very, I’m sleepy”

Khushi held Sapna’s bag and they left for the car.


Once they got home, Khushi gave Sapna a bath and Arnav fed Sapna, her favourite pasta. Khushi and Arnav helped Sapna with some of her colouring homework and then settled her into her bed.

Arnav read a bedtime story for Sapna while Khushi caressed her hair. By the time Arnav reached the 2nd page, Sapna was already asleep. Arnav and Khushi smiled at each other. Khushi pulled the covers up to her shoulder and gave her a peck on her forehead. Arnav pecked her cheek and turned off the lights.

They gave Sapna one last look and headed for their room.


On the bed, Arnav had his head in Khushi’s lap while Khushi caressed his hair. He looked up at Khushi, “How did you know she was gonna be okay at school?”

Khushi held his hand, “I didn’t know honestly. I wanted to tell her she could stay home when I saw her tears but I knew she had to go some day. So I kept strong. See how happy she is now.”

He stroked her hair, “Hmm… but I couldn’t bear her tears.”

Khushi caressed his cheek, “That’s because she’s a daddy’s girl. No daddy can see their angel in tears.” She paused and continued, “You know sometimes I feel jealous of you two, daddy and his little girl.”

He smirked, “Hmm… why don’t we fix that?!”

She looked at him with a confused expression, “How?”

He kissed her lips, “Well, let’s try for a ‘mama’s boy now.”

She put her arms around his neck and replied, “Okay I like that idea.”



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