Arshi OS – Kyun Dard Hai Itna

Heads up; Arnav is bipolar in this story.

“Kyun Dard Hai Itna”

He opened the door, fisted his hands in anger and walked in long strides towards her sleeping figure. As he grabbed her by her hair; her eyes flew open. She screamed in agony as he mercilessly pulled her off the bed and towards the ground.

 When she tried to get up he slapped her hard, making her fall to the cold ground. He started shouting at her, accusing her of the impossible.

He pulled her by her hair again, making her stand up this time.

He looked at her,

Her eyes red from crying

Her cheek swollen from the slap

Her face and arms bruised from the fall

She looked at him with tired eyes; he was wasted, her eyes pierced into his soul, looking for the man, she left her family for…

 She searched and searched

                                           **** But she could not find him

She gazed at his worn out body,                                         

He was drawn down.

He hadn’t shaven for a few days

His hair was unkempt, he badly needed a haircut

His shoulders drooped

His fingers were red from the slap he gave her

While looking at him, she felt his finger reach up and stroke her face where he had slapped her a few minutes ago. He took his hands and cupped her face, wiping away the tears that trickled down her face.

She closed her eyes, dreading his touch, for these were the same hands which slapped her, held her tightly, pushed and dragged her.

“What had she done to receive this behaviour from him?”

For as long as she could remember, she kept asking herself this same question. But she never got an answer.

His hands lingered on her face and then traveled to her waist; in an instant he lifted her into his arms. He made her lie down on the; he fished through the cupboard until he found the medicine box. He sat on the floor beside her and applied medicine on her swollen face. She wept silently but didn’t dare to look him in the eyes. When she eventually fell asleep, he kissed her forehead and pulled the blanket up to her. He took the light off and walked to the window.

He put his hand through his hair and slumped down in the chair. He let out an exhausted sigh and looked at his hands and then at her feeble body which lay on the bed.

…He cursed himself for hurting her yet again.



He woke up the next morning feeling a pounding headache; he massaged his temples and stood up. He looked towards the bed but he didn’t see her. He checked the bathroom but no one. He went downstairs and searched the entire place. No Khushi.

He started getting frantic, he ran upstairs and opened the cupboard… No trace of her at all.

He held his head and repeatedly said, “No no no…” He flung a vase and yelled, “NOOO she can’t leave!!!”

He picked up the photo of her from the side table and hugged it while he curled up into a ball on the hard floor, “She promised she would never leave.” He kept mumbling to himself until eventually he fell asleep.

Stern Smile

Please read this;

On a serious note if anyone is being abused, either verbally or physically… no matter how much the abuser claims they love you or care about you…  do not tolerate their torture. Get away from them, tell someone else. Do not put up with it. You need to be strong.

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