Arshi OS – Cross Connections… distance makes the heart grow fonder

This just came across my mind so I wrote it…  I really don’t know how it came out… Lol.… Should I term this as a hot shot? :p you be the judge of that.

Also if there are errors.. (hindi wise) I just want to let you know I learnt hindi watching tv and films… I’m a West Indian from the Caribbean… so bear with me.. sorry in advance.


C R O S S    C O N N E C T I O N S… distance makes the heart grow fonder


Arnav let out an exasperated sigh and shut his laptop. He glanced at the clock on his office wall and strummed his fingers against his glass office desk. 


He remembered his and Khushi’s conversation from the previous day. Arnav didn’t want Khushi to leave to visit her parents for a few days because he would miss her like crazy. When he told Khushi this, she replied, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

Arnav retorted, “Its bad enough I have to go to work every day… that 15 minute distance from Shantivan to AR for 8 hours a day, for 5 days a week is quite enough to make the heart grow fonder.”

Khushi said, “Arnav I miss them, I’m going and that’s final.” She continued, “How about we have a bet or whatever you want to call it. Drop me today and if you can remain the entire day tomorrow without calling me or coming to see me at my parents, I’ll return home in the night itself.”

Arnav agreed and now he was surely repenting agreeing to her decision. He had somehow survived the night when he had dropped, he occupied himself with work and due to his tiredness he fell asleep.  When he woke up today he felt like a part of him was missing. No warmth in his arms, no gazing at his wife while she was asleep, no waking her up by tickling her, no proper good morning kiss when she woke up… the list could go on and on.

He had somehow made it to work, in a grumpy mood by all means. He tried keeping himself busy with work but that was not going anywhere, thus he decided to end this torture.

“To hell with this bet…” Arnav voiced and dialed Khushi’s number on his phone.

As soon as he heard the click of the phone being answered, he immediately started speaking,“Honey I couldn’t resist. I can’t wait for you to come home. I’m missing you badly. I want you badly. Only I know how I survived.”

Arnav smirked hearing no one speaking, he knew she would have been blushing.

On the other end of the phone, not Khushi but Garima was holding the phone; she widened her eyes as big as saucers. Before Garima could say anything, Arnav continued, “Enough of this torture, Khushi I’m coming for you now and when we reach home I’m gonna…” Garima hurriedly said, “Damadji hum hai, Khushi betiya nahin.” (Son in law its me, not Khushi.)

Arnav’s smirk wiped off his face as quickly as it came on. In a shaky voice, he uttered, “Aaa a unty.”

Garima said, “Ji woh Khushi betiya gave me her phone to answer…”

Arnav massaged his temple, “Aunty I’m really sorry about… I didn’t realise it was you. I…”

Garima interrupted, “Koi baat nahi beta, pati patni ki beech ye sab chalta hai.” (Its okay son, between a husband and wife these things go on.)

Arnav said, “Sorry once again.”

He kept the phone… He said out loud, “This Khushi I won’t leave her.”


Arnav entered Laxmi Nagar… he was embarrassed of what happened over the phone but he had come for Khushi. He saw her in the kitchen.

Arnav walked up to her and said, “Come on Khushi, lets go.”

She looked up and replied, “No you lost the bet.”

Arnav ran his hand through his hair, “Khushi whats this childishness… Please come.”

This banter continued till Garima intervened. She sternly said, “Khushi jao apni ghar.” (Go to your house.)

Khushi turned to her mother, “Umma tum bhi.” (Mother you too.) She sulked, “Aap ko meri yahan rahnay mein problem hai!”(You have a problem with me staying here!)

Garima caressed her daughter’s hair, “Na Khushi isse mat soch.” (No Khushi don’t think like that.) She continued,“Kaun si ma ye kahega?” (Which mother will say this?) She met her son in law’s gaze and she continued, “I’m only explaining your responsibilities. You’re married and you have another family, you need to be there too.” She smiled at Khushi’s pout, “You came yesterday and stayed the night, and you fulfilled your responsibilities of being our daughter, now go with Arnav beta and fulfil your responsibility of being his wife.”

Khushi looked at Arnav and nodded her head to her mother… “Okay umma.” She turned to Arnav,“Let me get my bag.” Arnav nodded and she disappeared into the room.

Garima smiled at Arnav and asked, “Ab khush?”

Arnav smiled sheepishly, “Thanks mom…”

Garima said in shock, “Kya kaha?” (What did you say?)

Arnav repeated, “Mom…”

Tears trickled down Garima’s face and she hugged Arnav. While he returned the hug, he mumbled,“Sorry for not calling you mom earlier.”

Garima cupped his face lovingly, “Apne mujhe mom kaha aur abhi se sorry…” (You called me mom and from now you started saying sorry.) They both chuckled while Khushi came out with her bag.

She saw them laughing, “What did I miss?”

Arnav answered, “Mom and I were just talking.”

Khushi nodded absentmindedly but then it hit her, “Mom” she stared at Arnav.

Arnav smiled and nodded. He said, “Isnt your mom my mom too?”

She nodded, “Ji lekin aapne kabhi…” (Yes but you never…)

Garima interrupted, “Lekin ab toh kaha na…” (But he said it now right.)

Khushi smiled. She hugged her mother and they left.


Thankfully no one was at home when they got home. They headed straight to their room where Khushi saw nothing in place. He had turned their room upside down. There were clothes everywhere, on the floor, on the bed. She turned to him waiting for an answer. He said in just above a whisper, “I was looking for my clothes this morning. You know how well I am at finding things.”

She shook her head, “I’m never going to leave again, look at this mess.” As she was about to bend down to pick up the clothes, he pulled her, making her petite body crash into his firm chest.

He inhaled her scent, “I missed you so much.” He took off her dupatta and trailed kisses from her neck to her chest, making her arch her back in pleasure, giving him more access. She ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him closer. She kissed him and he opened his mouth deepening the kiss. His fingers found the zip of her shalwar top and pulled it down, he unloosed the string of her pants and both materials pooled at her feet. Only in her undergarments, he lowered her onto the edge of the bed while she unbuttoned his shirt. Once it was completely off, she touched his abs on his lower abdomen and then ran her fingers along the start of his dangerously low office pants. She placed a butterfly kiss on his belly button causing him to let out a groan. She then pulled down his pants making it also pool at his feet. He cupped her face and kissed her lips while his free hand pushed the scattered clothes from the bed onto the floor to give them room. They moved up onto the middle of the bed and Arnav settled himself on top of her. He kissed her ear lobe and continued placing butterfly kisses on her jawline. He quickly got out of his boxers and discarded it somewhere in the room; he was the least bothered of where it landed. He took off her innerwares and they started exploring each other’s bodies. This went on until neither of them could take the sweet torture anymore and Arnav entered her. Their bodies moved in rhythm while they expressed their love for each other.

That short distance definitely made their hearts, soul and minds grow fonder.

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