Raksha Bandhan OS – Junior Chotte & Di


A very happy Raksha Bandhan to everyone
Enjoy the day with your respective brother/sister.
Im celebrating it with my brother and my cousin today.


“Dad, do i have to wear this?”
a six year old Aaruv asked while pointing to his kurta.

Arnav looked at himself and his son in the mirror, both of them had on kurta suits, because of course Khushi thought it was a good idea. Arnav was having difficulty managing his own kurta, he could only imagine his son.

Arnav stooped down to Aaruv’s level and was about to tell him he could take it off, just when he noticed his wife’s stern look.

After seeing Khushi giving him ‘the look’ Arnav decided to change the course of his words and he instead replied to his son saying, “Don’t you want to make your Ayani didi happy?”

Aaruv nodded and Arnav continued, “So if you wear it, she’ll be happy.”

Aaruv thought for a moment and then smiled, “Okay, i’ll wear it.”

Aaruv sat on the bed and watched some of his cartoons while waiting for his mom and dad to finish getting dressed.

Khushi finished fixing her pallu and stood up to see Arnav fidgeting with his pants string. She shook her head and walked towards him, “After all these years, you still can’t fix it properly.”

Khushi pulled the string and knotted it properly for him, “Done!”

Arnav kissed her cheek,“I don’t need to learn to fix it properly when you are right here to do it for me.” Khushi smiled, “Of course.”

Khushi then looked in Aaruv’s direction, “Come on beta lets go.”

Aaruv got down from the bed and held his dad’s hand while Khushi led the way downstairs.

They made their way down the stairs to see everyone already there waiting; Anjali, Ayani, Nani, Akash, Payal and NK.

Khushi thought to herself, ‘Of course we had to be the last ones downstairs, this father and son loves to make an entrance.’

They all walked to the temple area.

Nani exclaimed,“Aree, Aaru is looking very handsome today.”

Aaruv smiled, “Thank you Badi Nani.”

They all stood and performed aarti to devi maiya. NK, Akash and Arnav stood next to each other in a line. Anjali performed the aarti for each of them and tied their respective rakhis. After the three rakhis were tied, Anjali got the three gifts from her brothers.

Then came Ayani and Aaruv’s turn. Ayani was Anjali’s 11 year old daughter but Aaruv and her lived like real brother and sister. She took care and loved Aaruv just like Anjali did to Arnav. Their relationship was as special as Anjali and Arnav’s. They even called each other Di and Chotte.

Ayani did the aarti and tied the rakhi on Aaruv’s hand.

“Chotte how is it?” Ayani asked Aaruv pointing to the rakhi that she had specially made for Aaruv.

Aaruv inspected the rakhi on his hand and frowned.

Seeing the frown on Aaruv’s face, Ayani’s smiled disappeared, “You didnt like it?”

He shook his head, “No i loved it Di.”

Arnav and Anjali smiled at their children and remembered their similar memory from one of their past Raksha Bandhan’s.

“Di… didi”
Aaruv managed to let out as Ayani hugged him tightly.

Ayani pulled away from her crushing hug, “Sorry Chotte.”

Everyone chuckled.

Ayani put her hand out, “Chotte my gift?!”

Aaruv held the gift in his hand and just as Ayani was about to take it Aaruv ran away from her.

She ran behind Aarav while Aarav yelled, “Di come one catch me and i’ll give you it.”

Ayani got tired of running behind a hyper Aaruv and shouted back, “Nahin.”

Saying that she sat down in front of the devi maiya idol and folded her arms, making a pout.

“Aaruv stop!” Khushi scolded him.

Arnav said, “Aaru you’re making your didi cry!”

Aarav stopped running and looked over at Ayani, she was looking down and wiping away her tears.

He immediately ran over to her and knelt down in front of her, “Sorry Di.”

Ayani turned her face to the other side.

Aaruv wiped away her tears, “Sorry Di.”

When Ayani didnt say anything, Aaruv started to do ‘uthak bethak’ while reciting ‘Sorry Di’ again and again.

Ayani got up, “Stop it, its okay.”

Ayani hugged Aaruv again and Aaruv gave her the gift.

Arnav and Anjali looked at their kids and were proud that they shared the same relationship that they themselves shared.

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