Arshi OS – Khushi’s Special 2nd Holi

 *Shantivan’s Garden*

*Holi *

This was Khushi’s 2nd Holi that she was celebrating since she was married to Arnav.  For the entire morning Khushi was busy in preparations so Arnav could not get a chance to be alone with her. He wanted to be the first person to put colour on her. He saw her from a distance, he picked up some red colour and made his way to her.  Before Arnav could reach Khushi, NK took some raang from the table and put it on Khushi’s cheek, “Happy Holi Khushiji.” Khushi smiled, “Happy Holi Nanheji.”

Arnav released the red raang he had in his hand, smearing it all over the ground. Arnav thought; ‘Dammit, I wanted to be the first one to put colour on her face; it was my right.’

Just as Khushi was about to put raang on NK’s cheek, she noticed Arnav’s retreating figure, “Nanheji, I’ll be right back.” He nodded and she walked off into Arnav’s direction without putting any colour on NK.

“Arnav'” she called after him, “wait, where are you going?” But he was too far away to hear her.  She was out of breath but she quickened her pace in his direction, “Arnaaa av!”

Arnav was just about to open the car door when he saw a Khushi in a distance, without a second thought he ran towards her. He took her to a nearby bench. Arnav looked at her, “Khushi?!”

“P Paa ni” was the slightly audible reply from Khushi. Arnav ran to the car and got a bottle of water. He held the water up for her while she drank. “Are you okay?” he asked while caressing her hair. She took another sip and then nodded.

He sighed in relief knowing she was okay, “You know you’re not supposed to be” Khushi looked up at him, “I saw you leave so I, Arnav, is something wrong?” Arnav said, “No” and got up. Khushi got up and put a hand on his shoulder, “Arn…” she gasped.

Arnav immediately turned to see her writhing in pain. Arnav took her to the car and drove straight to the hospital. As soon as he reached he pulled Khushi into his arms and took her to the emergency area.

Arnav counted every second that passed, pacing up and down the hospital room, then finally the doctor exited Khushi’s room. Arnav walked up to the doctor,“Khushi?!’ She, Is she? Khushi’s okay right?” Dr. Mathur nodded, “She’s fine, she just needs rest.”

Arnav was relieved but a few seconds later his face turned pale, “and the, the um, the baby?” Dr. Mathur smiled, “The baby is fine too.” Arnav hugged the doctor in happiness; he was so thankful that everything was okay. When he realised what he was doing, he released the doctor, “umm, sorry I, uh.”

 Dr. Mathur laughed, “Its okay, I won’t tell Khushi!! Don’t worry.” Arnav chuckled, “And you better not tell Aman!! He’d kill me for hugging his wife like that! *laughs* thanks Amrita, oops Doctor Mathur.”

She smiled, “I’m just doing my job, Arnav. And you’re my husband’s boss; so im glad to help whenever i can.  She motioned towards the room before leaving, Take care of them.”

“I will!”Arnav nodded and entered the room. She was on the bed smiling. The light from the window shone on Khushi, making her look even more beautiful.

 He sat on the bed next to her and hugged her.  He kissed her forehead and put one of his hands on her stomach. Arnav looked into her eyes, “Khushi I thought I lost the two of you, I don’t know what I would do without you” in between sobs he said, “I love you so much baby, please don’t ever leave me!”

She hugged him back, “I love you too!” she wiped his tears and kissed his cheek, “I’d never leave you!” He smiled and hugged her. She pulled back from the hug, “Arnav, today’s Holi, won’t you put colour on me?!” Arnav looked at her, “You already have colour on you!” Khushi replied, “Yeah, but not from my husband yet!!” Arnav smiled but then frowned, “I don’t have any colour with me!” Khushi frowned.

He then spotted a pooja taal in front of a small Devi Maiya idol next to the hospital bed. He got up and brought the pooja taal to the bed.  He took some sindoor and filled her maang, he whispered in his husky voice, “Happy Holi Khushi!”

Arnav looked at Khushi and smiled as he knew no one besides him could put colour in Khushi’s maang; he felt a sense of pride; that right was only given to him!! She smiled and took some sindoor and made a tikka on his forehead,“Happy Holi Arnav!”

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