Arshi OS – Shaadi, Nanheji AUR AMANJI :O 25/08

Hey everyone. This is one of the funnier stories that i’ve written. Hope you all like it. I hope i didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings with the subject ‘gay.’ Its purely fiction and just an idea of mine. I completely support an sexual orientation that anyone wishes to be. Its their choice 🙂 So now onto the story… 

NK nervously said, “I think I’m in love with Aman.”

Arnav looked at him, “Umm are you??”

NK seriously looked at Arnav, “I’m sure.”

Arnav replied, “Ohh okay does Aman…?”

NK instantly said, “Yup Aman feels the same way.”

Arnav gave NK a brief, very brief hug, “Well, umm, good for you two then.”


Khushi stood by the door listening to Arnav and NK’s conversation. She had come to ask Arnav something but when she heard what NK said she froze. She walked away from them with her mind completely covered by her thoughts.

Amanji aur Nanheji?!! Yeh kya?!

Khushi came to the conclusion that she needed to speak with her Arnavji. Was it really true??

Khushi entered the room with a cup of coffee. Arnav was sitting on the recliner working on his laptop. She handed him the coffee and sat on the edge of the bed trying to figure out how to approach Arnav.

Arnav looked at Khushi and called her, “Khushi.”

She looked up, “Hmm.”

He sipped his coffee, “What do you want to tell me?”

She asked in surprise, “How’d you know I wanted to?”

Arnav interrupted her, “Thats because you’re my wife and I know you Khushi. Come on tell me!”

Khushi bit her lip and started, “Nanheji is in love.” She stated, but it sounded more like a question.

Arnav raised his eyebrow, “How do you know that?”

Khushi continued, “Woh, I heard you and Nanheji talking. Umm, so hes in love with”

Arnav completed her sentence, “Aman.”

Khushi widened her eyes, “Haww!!! So you’re okay with Nanheji and Amanji.”

Arnav shrugged, “I don’t see why I would have a problem Khushi.”

Khushi uttered in a low tone, “Ohh.”

Arnav got up and sat next to Khushi, “Whats wrong?”

Khushi said, “So does everyone else knows about them?”

Arnav said, “No not yet, they’re telling everyone today and once everything is final, then their wedding.”

Khushi’s eyes were as big as saucers, “Shaadi?!”

Arnav got up, “Haa.”

Before Khushi could say anything, they heard NK’s voice.

“Nanaav aur Khushiji, we just told everyone and they agreed for the wedding.”

Khushi yelled, “What?

Arnav got alarmed, “Khushi are you okay?”


Khushi raced downstairs, “Ye shaadi nahi ho sakhti. (This wedding cannot happen.)

Everyone got up.

Nani asked, “Khushi beta, kya hua?” (Khushi, what happened?)

Khushi announced looking straight at Aman who was standing near Anjali, “Nanheji cant marry Amanji.”

Anjali asked, “Why Khushiji?”

Khushi stammered, “Woh, Nanheji likes girls”


Khushi continued, “Toh ye shaadi kaisi?(So how this wedding?)

Arnav and NK came down the same time.

Arnav said, “Khushi what do you mean kaisi?” (Khushi, what do you mean how?)

Khushi came towards Arnav, “Arnavji main.” (Arnav, I.)

NK held Khushi’s shoulder, “Khushiji I really love Aman.”

Khushi looked at NK’s face, he looked so happy.

“Okay, I guess if you really love Amanji then, its okay.”

NK beamed with happiness and ran over to hug Aman.

Khushi’s eyes came as wide as saucers again, “Nanheji aap Amanji se pyaar karte hoon, lekin aap Amanji se hug kyon nahin kar rahi hoon.” (Nanhe, you love Aman, but why aren’t you hugging Aman.)

Aman and NK pulled away while everyone looked on confused as ever. Anjali looked at Arnav and he shook his head.

Arnav knew his wife was crazy but today he couldn’t understand what she was talking about. He stepped closer to Khushi, “Baby what are you saying? NK hugged Aman.”

Khushi held her head, “I dont I, Nanheji aur Amanji.”

Arnav looked in NKs direction and then back at Khushi. His light bulb lit up.

He opened his mouth, “Err, Khushi, point at Aman.”

Khushi pointed to Aman. Everyone looked in the direction of Khushi’s hand and their eyes widened.

Arnav nodded, he was right. He chuckled and moved Khushi’s pointed hand slightly, “Sweetheart, this is Aman.”

Khushi made a confused expression on her face.

Arnav clarified, “Khushi dear, this is Aman, who’s getting married to NK.”

Khushi looked at Aman and then shifted her gaze to the person who was standing next to him.

Arnav then said, “Khushi, Aman, meaning Amanpreet, NK’s girlfriend and to be wife.”


Khushi started, “Woh I thought, Amanji, meaning aapki manager aur Nanheji. Sorry!”(I thought, Aman, meaning your manager and Nanhe, Sorry.)

Khushi walked towards Amanpreet and hugged her, “Sorry Amanpreetji.”
Amanpreet flashed a smile,  “Its okay bhabhi.”

Everyone started laughing.

Khushi looked at Aman (Mathur), “Lekin, Amanji aap yahan kaisi.” (But, Aman, how are you here?)

Aman Mathur opened his mouth, “ASR called me to discuss some work matters.”

Khushi uttered, “Ohh.”

Aman (Mathur) then said, “Bhabhi, if I had the hots for a guy, you wont have been married to ASR.”

Khushi’s eyes widened and Arnav looked on amused at his wife’s expression. Soon after the entire house burst out in laughter.

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