Arshi OS – Khushi’s 30th Birthday

Dedicated to Ms Flawless Irani. Happy 30th Birthday Sanaya… you’re truly an angel!! Love you Heart


She looked at the time; it was nearing 11pm. There was just an hour left and her birthday would be over. Everyone had wished her besides him. He was doing it again; one year he had wished her when she was asleep, this year too maybe he was waiting till she fell asleep.

She sat on the bed, and then paced around the room a bit to pass time. Finally she settled herself in the chair by the poolside. She looked up at the tinkling stars, searching for her parents, she smiled seeing the stars, she fell asleep remembering how Arnav had showed her the stars of his mom and her mom side by side.

A loud knock on her bedroom door jolted her awake a while later. She got up and made her way to the door, prepared to kill’ Arnav for making her wait. She paused before opening the door; she smiled and then masked the smile with anger. She was of course happy he was finally going to wish her but she couldn’t let him go easily, he made her wait the entire day for the wish.

She finally opened the door only to find no one standing before her. She frowned and turned to go back into the room, just then she felt herself being hoisted into the air. She immediately closed her eyes in fear. She slowly pecked through one eye to see her husband staring right back at her. She relaxed and opened the other eye. Playfully hit him across his chest she said, “You scared me!” In his husky voice he replied, “Sorry.”

Just then she remembered she was supposed to be angry with him. She started protesting in his arms, only to hear his voice say, “Stop.”

He put her down and pulled out a black cloth from his back pocket. He tied it around her eyes and ordered, “Shhh… you’ll see just now.” She remained mum as she felt herself being lifted into his arms yet again. She automatically clutched his shirt with one hand and the other hand rested around his neck.

He walked downstairs and then moved to the garden at the side of the house. He stopped and gently placed her to stand. He moved behind her and opened her blindfold.

As the blindfold dropped Khushi gasped. All she could see was complete darkness.

She gulped in fear; she reached for Arnav, only to grab the thin air. She called out,“Arr..nav…ji!”

All of a sudden lights came on. The entire garden was decorated with fairy light. From where Khushi stood, rose petals made a path to a little table.

Khushi gasped when she felt two strong arms snake around her petite waist. She then felt his chin rest against her shoulders.

He whispered into her ears, “Happy Birthday Sweetheart.” Leaning against him, she turned and kissed his cheek, “I love you baby.”

He held her hand and they walked through the rose petals making their way to the round table.  The white table cloth was covered in rose petals and a chocolate cake placed in the centre.

Arnav said, “Let’s cut the cake.”  Khushi nodded and bent over the cake, blowing out the candles. Looking at Arnav, she closed her eyes and made a wish. Arnav held her hand and they both sliced the cake. He took a piece of the cake and fed Khushi. She took a piece and fed Arnav as well.

He engulfed her in his arms and said, “Happy 30th Birthday Khushi.”  She grabbed the back of his shirt in bunches and said, “I thought you were gonna wish me when I was asleep.”

“Happy, happy birthday baby, I really love you a lot. I was just waiting for the right moment to wish you.”

“I love you too.”

Arnav kissed her fiercely catching her off-guard.  She recuperated from his actions and kissed him back in equal passion. In one quick motion, Arnav raised her into his arms, taking her straight to their bedroom.





A few hours later, covered in a white silky blanket, Arnav and Khushi snuggled in each other’s embrace. Khushi circled her finger on Arnav’s bare chest while his head remained buried in her hair.

 She looked at Arnav and asked,“Would you still feel the same way about me when I’m 40 or 50 and I’m greying … and what about when my tummy isn’t flat anymore?”

Arnav looked up and into his wife’s eyes, she was older, more mature that she was when they got married but still she spoke in a childish manner.

He caressed her cheek, “Of course I’d still love you. Age is just a number Khushi, your tummy not being flat anymore would never bother me, as I know that’s where our babies will be before they come into this world. The greying, Khushi I’m sure you’d be grey because of our kids and I. He chuckled, “But there’s dye you know for that.” Khushi laughed and snuggled closer in his arms.

He looked into her eyes, “Khushi, and what about you?? When I get older and I’m more stubborn than now, I get angry faster, forget things more often, my entire head is grey and I have thick rimmed glasses… Would you love me as plentiful as you do now?”

 “Khushi’s eyes welled up in tears, “No… I would love you even more than now!! The thought of growing old with the person I love the most in this world is the most euphoric feeling in the world.”

Arnav sighed, “I don’t know what I would be without you.”

“Being with you is what makes me complete. You make me feel alive.”Khushi concluded before capturing his lips.


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