Arshi OS – I want a baby

Arnav and Khushi were watching TV in their room. Arnav was leaning against the headboard while Khushi snuggled next to him. Khushi looked at Arnav, “Sab kitni khush hai na !! “ (Everyone is so happy right?!)  Arnav smiled, ” Yeah, since Di had Pari, the house is filled with happiness.”He took a breath and then looked at her, ” You’re happy? ” She looked at him and smiled, ” Ji, main bahut khush hoon. “ (Yes, im very happy) She hugged him.

She took her hand and started to make little circles with it on his shirt. Arnav then says, ” Khushi, woh i wanted to ask you something… well tell you actually.” She stopped making circles and looked up at his face, ” Bol na Arnavji .” (Tell me Arnavji) Arnav took one good look at her and blurted out, ” Khushi I want a baby!”

Khushi sat up on the bed,”Arnavji, aise ajanak?” (Arnavji, so suddenly) Arnav sat up too, ” No, I  thought about what you had said the other day and I want this. We’ve been married for 3 years now, i think we’re ready.” Khushi’s face glistened with excitement, ” Really?!! ” Arnav nodded his head in agreement. Khushi threw her arms around him, “I love you Arnavji.” Arnav hugged her, ” And I love you too.”

After a moment of silence, Arnav whispered into Khushi’s ear, “So lets get to work then!” Khushi pulled back from the hug when she realised what Arnav meant, her face turned a shade of red. Arnav smirked at his wife’s condition and then he got to ‘work’ wasting no time at all.

Heart 9 months later Heart

Khushi gave birth to a little prince, he looked just like his daddy. He had Arnav chocolate brown eyes but Khushi’s complexion. His features resembled Arnav’s. He was a chubby little baby. He was perfect, just as they had imagined. Arnav took the baby from Khushi so she could get some rest. He sat with his little man on the rocking chair next to the hospital bed.

Khushi looked on at the two special men in her life; Her husband and her son. Arnav and Aarav. Life was amazing! Motherhood; she couldn’t wait to explore this new chapter in her life; she thought as she drifted asleep.

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Arnav glimpsed at Khushi, while he was playing with little Aarav. He smiled at Khushi, she was fast asleep. He looked down at Aarav, “Everything is perfect. Im so lucky that i have Khushi, she gave me the most precious gift ever; my son! “

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