Arshi OS – Hum Tum in Sheesh Mahal

Phew finally im done with this… i took a long time to write this!!!

This is dedicated to a few of my twitter friends who suggested that Arnav and Khushi should visit Sheesh Mahal… their wish, my command.

These are their names; Diya, Rahima, Lara, Nisha and Riha.Smile

“Arnavji, where are we going?”

“Khushi… you’ll see just now.”

Khushi mutters to herself, ” For the past 20 mins he has been saying that… ye Laad Governor”

Arnav turns to her, ” Khushi did you say something?”

Khushi shakes her head and looks out of the window one last time before resting her head on Arnav’s shoulder.

Arnav gazed at his angel’s face, he didn’t want to wake her, but he knew he had to. Arnav gently touched Khushi’s head and whispered, “Wake up baby.”

Khushi shifted and opened her eyes.  She looked up at Arnav in question.

Arnav motioned for her to look out the window.

Khushi looked out the window and narrowed her eyes at the familiar buildings below… thats when it came to her.

Khushi jumped up in her seat with excitement. She hugged Arnav and grabbed his hands as the helicopter lowered itself onto the ground.


SHEESH MAHAL. THE FASHION SHOW, ARNAV, FALLING INTO HIS ARMS…all the memories came flooding back.

Arnav came out of the helicopter first and held Khushi’s hand while she made her way out.

She was so happy she was here in Lucknow; she spent 18yrs of her life in this place called Lucknow… it felt nice to be back at home. Especially the fact that they were at Sheesh Mahal, it made her really happy;  this was the place she met the man of her dreams, her prince charming. Here’s where it all began, the start of their remarkable love story. Approximately two years ago they had met each other right in Sheesh Mahal, they met with nafrat and now one year later, they returned because of their ‘pyaar’ for each other. There would always be a special attachment that she would always keep close to her heart.

Arnav pulled at her hand, making her break her trance. When Arnav realised he got her attention he spoke, “Come, lets go inside.” Khushi nodded.

 Khushi couldnt help but notice the cluster of news reporters and the security blocking them from getting any closer to Arnav and herself.

The news reporters…

‘Mr Arnav, you’re no longer a bachelor…we see you brought Mrs Raizada along with you this time’

‘Sir last time you were here… you had a fashion show, is there a special reason why you returned this time’

‘Wait, isnt Mrs Raizada the same girl who fell into your arms at the fashion show the year before?!’

 ”This place has a lot of memories for you both.’                            



Khushi tightened her grip on Arnav’s hand; Arnav pulled her closer and walked past the reporters.

Khushi took in the view, this was the first time she was properly seeing Sheesh Mahal, the last time she was on a mission for her sister’s sake and it was also at night.

She looked at the place where her Arnav grew up in.  It was such a beautiful place… the exterior was amazing. Arnav reached the front door and opened it.

Arnav waved his hand in front of Khushi, “Khushi back to earth” He chuckled.

“Hmm…” she whispered. She realised they were at the doorsteps of Sheesh Mahal.

They both put their right foot each over the threshold and entered with their hands intertwined.

Khushi looked up at Arnav and smiled brightly. He returned the smile and pulled her in for a hug.

“Im so happy you’re here with me.” Arnav said with much honesty.

“Im happy you finally decided to show me where my laad governor grew up” She giggled.

Arnav gave her a tour of the entire place… well most of it at least. Khushi got tired however and they decided to sit in the garden to catch their breaths.

Khushi sat on the bench, “Arnav this garden is so pretty… there are roses everywhere”

Arnav stood near the bench, “Roses were my mom’s favourite and when i bought over the place, the first thing i did, was get roses planted here. And then later i found out that my dear wife loves roses as well… “He picked a rose and gave it to Khushi.

Khushi smiled at Arnav’s gesture. She got up and held the rose close to her as she explored the garden.

Arnav blurted out, “You know… you and my mama would have gotten along so well.”

Khushi dropped the rose and made her way back to Arnav. She traced her hand along his face and wiped away the tear that was streaming down, “I know.” She held his hands, “And who says we don’t talk, of course we do… i talk to mama at night… her star shines so brightly just like my amma’s.”

Arnav couldnt help but smile at his wife, she was such an amazing individual. He was so lucky to have her in his life.

Khushi continued, “And you know I complain about you’and your gussa to her.”

Arnav chuckled, “Ohh… and what if i tell you, i complain to her about her daughter in law’s sankiness!!”

Khushi exclaimed, ” HAAWW… you do that?!!”

Arnav smirked, “maybe”

Khushi bit her lip, “Arnav… you speak about mama so much, but what about papa.”

Arnav stiffened and turned away from her. Khushi put her hand on his shoulder, reassuring him that he didnt need to hide. Especially not from her, after all that they went through… together.


Khushi turned Arnav to face her. His eyes were closed; she knew he was remembering his father and especially that moment when he lost his mama and his papa.


Khushi gulped, it was bad enough that they were in Sheesh Mahal’ and then she had to bring that topic up.

Khushi left his shoulders, making Arnav open his eyes.


She walked a few steps and then turned around saying, “I shouldnt have’. let’s go back inside.”


Arnav walked up to Khushi, “You wanna know about him, okay I’ll tell you Khushi.”

Arnav and Khushi sat on the bench amidst the garden.  Arnav held Khushi’s hands in his and sighed.

“Where do I start?”

She urged, “From where you’d like to.”

He gulped, “Dad, im a lot like him actually, he wasn’t a man of many words but instead his actions spoke louder. He would die for his loved ones and was very possessive over them too. He got angry a lot but he also loved twice as much.”

Arnav smiled as his cherished memories started resurfacing’  Khushi squeezed his hand, motioning him to continue.

{Author’s note: I changed the past a bit’ I hope you all grasp the concept of Arnav’s past}

“Everything was fine’ perfect, he loved mamma  a lot, even if he didn’t say it often, the way he looked at her, his eyes filled with so much love for her. And Di, she was definitely a daddy’s little girl, she had him under her rule’ *chuckles* then came me, I was a smaller version of dad.  Dad was everything to me; my role model, my best friend. Mamma used to say, I stuck to him like glue. We played cricket together, watched tv together, he took me alongside him in his meetings. Normal father son things”

Khushi asked in a low tone, “Then?”

“Then dad started drinking, later we found out it was because his brother, meaning my chachaji tricked my dad into a bad deal, causing a big financial loss for the company. Mama tried to shield us away from dad’s drinking habits. Di and I would hear them arguing about his drinking and how it was badly affecting us… One day, a phone call came just after midnight, mama answered the phone and then we heard a scream.  Di and I ran out of our room to see mama lifeless on the floor with the phone hanging from the cord.”

Khushi gripped his hand, Arnav took a deep breath and continued, “It was the police on the phone, dad was drunk and slept away behind the wheel’ causing him to get into an accident. He didn’t make it, mama couldn’t take the news, she got a massive heart attack and she too left us that night. Sheesh Mahal was sold to pay off the debts of the company and Nani brought di and I to Delhi.  Nani, Mama and Mami made sure we had everything and they all worked hard to help me start off AR. I’ll forever be indebted to them; they picked up the pieces of Di and my broken lives and mended it back together.”


Arnav looked at Khushi and she instantly hugged Arnav. Tears streamed down Arnav’s face as he tightened his arms around Khushi.  Arnav and Khushi sat comfortably in each other’s arms, just enjoying each other’s presence without them saying a word. It was a comfortable silence.

 Khushi raised her head as she saw it getting dark, she got up and Arnav held her hand.  Arnav shook his head, “Wait, I have something to show you.”

Arnav got up and from behind her he covered Khushi’s eyes, “Countdown from 3.”

Khushi touched his hands, “Huh?”

Arnav said, “Start Khushi!”

Khushi complied,

Hmm, okay,





Arnav removed his hands from over her eyes; she slowly opened them and gasped.

The entire place was dark with fairy lights lighting the garden, the ones like what he had put up for her birthday.

Arnav whispered into her ear, “Do you like it?”

Khushi nodded and hugged him.

Arnav held her hand and led her to the gazebo in the middle of the garden. Khushi looked and saw a table and 2 chairs waiting for them.  Arnav made her sit down and he followed suit.  They were served dinner by one of the servants, Ms. Haani Prakash (aka female HP) :p . Khushi looked at her plate and then at Arnav’s, she got up and brought her chair next to Arnav’s.

Arnav looked at her in confusion.

Khushi settled next to him, “Amma says eating in the same plate, makes the lover grow stronger, so” She took a spoonful of food and held it up to his mouth. Arnav smiled and opened his mouth. Then he took the spoon and fed her. This went on until they were both full.

Khushi leaned against Arnav’s shoulder and made circles on his shirt. Arnav pulled her apart and stared into her eyes.

Arnav moved closer to Khushi, he could feel the heat of her breath, just before he was able to touch his lips with hers, it started raining heavily.

Khushi pulled away from him, “Barrish!” (Rain!)

Arnav let out his famous phrase, “What the!”

Khushi ignored him and leapt out into the rain. She started spinning around in the rain.

Khushi opened her palm in Arnav’s direction, “Arnav come on!!” He shook his head.


She pouted but ran towards him as she had an idea.
Arnav protested as she came up to him, “Khushi no”



(Start playing before you proceed in reading)

(Lyrics: Khushi in red & Arnav in blue)


 Khushi started humming,

Hay Hay’ yee yee hay hay

Haa ahh ah haa

Khushi moved her eyebrows upwards to her husband and smiled mischievously.


Arnav looked directly at her around and though why not. He smirked, “Okay Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta  Singh Raizada.”


He touched Khushi’s hands and pulled her into the rain;

Saanson ko saanson mein dhalne do zara,

(Let the breaths mould into breaths of each other)

She started humming and put her hands around Arnav’s neck.

Arnav held her close and she smiled;

Saanson ko saanson mein dhalne do zara,

dheemi si dhadkan ko badhne do zara

(Let the breaths mould into breaths of each other)
(let the slow heartbeat rise)

Arnav started swaying along with Khushi,

Lamhon ki guzarish hai yeh paas aa jaayen

(it’s the plea of moments that come together)

He cupped her face,

hum.. hum tum..
tum.. hum tum..

(We, you n me
you, you n me’)


Khushi kissed his eyes,

Aankhon mein humko utarne do zara         

                             (Let me descend into (your) eyes)

She hugged him tightly,

Baahon mein humko pighalne do zara

Lamhon ki guzarish hai ye paas aa jaayen

(let me melt in your arms)

                       (it’s the plea of moments that come together.. )

She pulled away and cupped his face,

hum.. hum tum..
tum.. hum tum..

(we, you n me)
(you, you n me)

Arnav pulled her back into his arms,

Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dalne Do Zara

(Let the breaths mould into breaths of each other)


Khushi runs away and Arnav chases her around the garden.

 Arnav catches her, taking his hand and trailing it from her forehead to her neck,

Salvatein Kahin Karwatein Kahin
Phel Jaaye Kajal Bhi Tera

              (Somewhere be creases, somewhere be changing sides)
                                    (The kohl of eyes be spread too…)

She touched his hands and looked into his eyes,

Nazron Mein Ho Guzar Tha Hua
Khwabon Ka Koi Khafila

(Let there be a caravan of dreams)
(Passing in the eyes)


Arnav hugged her from behind; he moved her hair and kissed her neck,

Jismo Ko Ruho Ko Jale Do Zara
Sharmo Khaya Ko Machalne Do Zara

(Let the bodies and souls burn for now)
(Let the shyness sulk a little)


Khushi turned and hugged him tightly,

Lamho Ki Guzarish Hai Yeh Paas Aa Jaaye

(It’s the plea of moments that we come together…


Arnav pulled apart to see her face,

                                             Hum Tum                                              


(You n me)


Khushi kissed Arnav’s cheek,

 Hum Tum’

(You n me’)


Arnav smiled,  

                       Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dalne Do Zara

                      (Let the breaths mould into breaths of each other)

Arnav was about to kiss her when she escaped from him. She ran away again and he chased after her. He pulled her and she collided with his chest. Arnav trailed his hand along her neck and onto her chest.

Khushi closed her eyes,

Choolon Badan Magar Iss Tarah
Jaisa Surila Saaz Ho

(Touch the body, but touch it as if
it be a musical instrument very gently)

Arnav buried his face into her hair,

Hum Hai Re Chupe Tere Zulf Mein
Kholo Ke Raat Azaad Ho

(Darkness is hidden in your hair;
open them so that the night is free)

Khushi held onto Arnav with one hand around his neck and the other hand waving her dupatta in the rain,
                                             Aanchal Ko Seene Se Dhalne Do Zara
                                          Shabnam Ki Boondein Phisalne Do Zara

                                    (Let the shawl on your body slide from your chest;
let the dew drops glide on your body)

He pulled her back to him,
                                   Lamho Ki Guzarish Hai Yeh Paas Aa Jaaye

                                    (It’s the plea of moments that come together…)

He whispered into her ear,



Khushi touched his cheek,

Hum Tum’ Tum

(You n me’. You)

He cupped her face,
                                                Hum Tum

                                               (You n me…)

Arnav picked Khushi up into his arms,

Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dalne Do Zara

                       (Let the breaths mould into breaths of each other)

Khushi clutched onto Arnav’s shoulders,
                                        Bahon Mein Humko Pighalne Do Zara

                                         (Let me melt in your arms)

He took her up to the room and placed her on the bed,

Lamho Ki Guzarish Hai Yeh Paas Aa Jaaye, Hum

(It’s the plea of moments that come together’ We’)

Khushi cupped his face,

Hum Tum’Tum

(You n me’ You)

Arnav cupped Khushi’s face,

                                        Hum Tum                                          

(You n me)

Khushi pecked his cheek,

Hum, Hum Tum, Tum…

(We’ You n me, you’)

In unison both of them sang,

Hum Tum


As Arnav neared her lips Khushi whispered to him,

                               Hum, Hum Tum                               

(We, You n me’)

Arnav kissed her passionately and they both lost themselves in each other.

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