Arshi OS – Hamari Dupatta

*The morning after Raksha Bandhan * Smile

Arnav opened his eyes and looked down at his wife. Her head rested on his chest, her arms hugging him tightly while her legs were sprawled across him. He chuckled, “Taekwando pose…” He shifted her hair from over her face and whispered, “Good morning…”

Khushi opened her eyes slowly, at the sound of his voice. When she saw his face within such close proximity to hers, all the memories from the previous night came flooding back, her cheeks turned red and she looked away from him.

Arnav smiled at her behaviour and pulled her even closer to him. He leaned forward with the intention to kiss her, continuing from last night. She closed her eyes anticipating the kiss, their lips were nearly brushing each other when they both heard a slight knock on the bedroom door.

He smirked at her and flicked her nose as she pulled away from him and got up.

With a red hue still on her face, she opened the door.  “Di aap?!”

Anjali looked at her sister in law, she really did not want to bother her this early, but…”Haan, woh I needed, um the sewing kit, I left it with you. Err Nani wants it.” 

Khushi smiled, “Oh, come in nah Di, I’ll get it for you.” 

Anjali nodded as Khushi walked towards the cupboard. 

As Anjali walked behind Khushi, she saw Arnav on the bed, his attention on his wife,  smiling in that direction.

Anjali called him, “Chotte” 

Arnav murmured, “Hmmm…” His attention not wavering from Khushi.

Anjali  smiled at her brother and said a bit louder, “Good morning Chotte!” 

Arnav’s attention broke away from Khushi as he heard his sister’s voice, “Huh?! He turned his face to the sound of the voice and noticed his sister in front of him, “Di? umm, Good Morning, Im sorry I didnt hear…” 

Anjali chuckled, “Its okay Chotte” 

He nodded and got up, as he walked into the washroom.

Finally, Khushi managed to find the sewing kit. She got it out and handed it over to Anjali. 

Anjali smiled, “Thanks!” With a mischievous streak, she probed,
Waise Khushiji, aapki dupatta kahan hai?” (By the way Khushi, where is your shawl?” 

Khushi narrowed her eyes, “Dupatta?” (Shawl) She looked down and realised she did not have it on, then she remembered just why she did not have it on. It was all Arnavji’s fault. As the red hue returned to her face, she looked at her sister in law, “Di…”

Anjali cupped her face, “I was just pulling your leg.” As she turned to leave, she added, “Khushiji…”

Khushi nodded, “Yes Di?”

Anjali winked, “Aapki dupatta Chotte ki side par hai !!” (Your dupatta is on Chotte’s side)

Khushi turned and saw her dupatta on Arnav’s side of the bed, right under his pillow. Her face turned a deeper shade of red and Anjali walked off with the sewing kit laughing at her Khushi bhabhi’s flustered face.

Khushi closed the door and picks up her dupatta, putting it around her neck. Arnav walked out of the washroom chuckling, he had seen everything. Arnav walked up to Khushi and she crashed into his chest.. trying to hide her face. “Hamari dupatta… ” (My shawl) …

He tightened his arms around Khushi and smirked, “So you found it, after I hid it last night…” He whispered into her ear, “It hides way too much…” He felt her sinking deeper into his chest. 

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