Arshi OS – Double Date with NK & his Tareek

Setting : Restaurant

Arnav looks at his watch for the umpteenth time. He sighed loudly.

“Arnavji stop it, its annoying me now.” Khushi exclaimed.

“Stop what?… Khushi we’ve been waiting for over an hour now’ you know who’s annoying?”

When she didnt answer, Arnav continued, “Stupid NK… thats who. He told us to come here for 7pm. Its 8:30pm and he’s not here yet. “

“Arnavji” She warned, “Be quiet, he’ll be here soon.”

Arnav made an angry face and looked away. After a few minutes of silence and fidgeting, Khushi said, “Look Nanheji is here!!”

Arnav looked at his watch, “Well its about time…8:45pm”

NK came up to the table, “Nanav… Khushiji”

Khushi flashed a smile while Arnav frowned.

Khushi tapped Arnav’s hand. Arnav narrowed his eyes and turned his face, “Uhh’ sit.”


NK sat down opposite to Arnav and Khushi, while the seat next to NK was empty.

NK strummed his fingers against the table and checked his watch.

Arnav looked at him, “What now?”

NK looked up at Khushi and Arnav, “Woh my tareek will be here soon!!”

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other with a confused expression.

Arnav spoke first, “You mean date?”

Khushi stated, “Date’ ohh”

NK said in his amusing tone, “Oh yes… tareek, date same thing.”


A few minutes later NK’s face lit up.

NK announced, “She’s here!”

Khushi exclaimed, “Really, where??”

Arnav rolled his eyes; he was the least bit excited. He didn’t even wanna be there, he just came because Khushi forced him to, otherwise there was no way he was coming on a nice Friday night to double date with NK and his ‘tareek.’

NK got up from his seat as the girl came closer; NK hugged his ‘tareek.’ Khushi tried to get a look at the girl while Arnav sighed and looked away.

When NK and his ‘tareek’ pulled away, Khushi gasped. Arnav looked up and he made an “O” face to what he saw in front of him. NK’s ‘tareek’ widened her eyes.




Before anyone could properly react, NK smiled and said, “Nanav Bhai & Khushi bhabhi this is Lavanya, Lavanya Kashyap”

Lavanya hesitated, “Uhh, hi”

Arnav awkwardly smiled, “Hey La”

Khushi got up and hugged Lavanya, “Lavanyaji aap?!”

NK’s eyebrows frowned in confusion. He pointed to the three of them, “Wait, you all know each other?!”

Arnav replied, “Yeah we do, actually why don’t we all sit and then we’d’ “

They all nodded. NK and Lavanya sat next to each other and Khushi returned next to Arnav.

NK impatiently asked, “So now how do you all know each other?”

Lavanya spoke, “Actually ASR, meaning Arnav, well we used to date.” 

NK’s eyes widened and his hand covered his mouth, “Nanav I didn’t know Lavanya and you'”

Arnav interrupted him, “Its okay NK, no hard feelings.”

NK connected the dots, “Wait Lavanya was the girl you were going to be engaged to, before I came right?!”

Lavanya answered, “Yeah, I was the girl.”

NK then asked, “Why did you all break off the engagement?”

Lavanya looked straight at Arnav, “Umm'”

Arnav continued seeing Lavanya’s hesitation, “I had feelings for someone else and Lavanya realised so we broke it off.”

NK and Khushi said in unison, “WHAT?”

Khushi asked, “Who?”

Lavanya immediately replied, “You!!”

Khushi looked straight at Lavanya and Khushi had a flashback to what Lavanya told her before she left Shantivan. Now she understood what Lavanya was saying to her.


Khushi: Agar humme hamara rajkumar pehle mila na, toh aap hamari shaadi main zaroor aayegi … aayegi na? (If I get my ‘prince’ before you, then you must definitely come to my wedding, you’ll come right?)

Lavanya: Main nahin aa paungi (I won’t be able to come)  


Lavanya:Tumhe ASR ka kayal rakna hoga. (You have to take care of ASR.)



Lavanya touched Khushi’s hand, making her break her trance, “Khushi don’t feel bad, because of ASR and my breakup I found my NK and you got your Arnav.” Lavanya held NK’s hand and NK pecked her on her cheek.

Khushi looked up at NK and Lavanya, she smiled and nodded her head.

Arnav looked at Khushi and remembered what Lavanya had said to him before leaving. Arnav really did follow Lavanya’s advice.


Agar aapki life mein kabhi pyaar aa jaye, toh (If love ever comes in your life then) hold onto it ASR. Kyunki pyaar nafrat se bohut bada hota hai’ sabse bada (Because love is a lot bigger than hate’ the biggest)




Arnav’s arm snaked around Khushi’s waist, making her look at him. He flashed a smile at her; she smiled and snugged in closer. That smile made him feel so secure, at home, he felt like the luckiest man in the world, her smile meant everything to Arnav. Khushi and Arnav shared their famous eye lock’ *cue the rabba ve*

Lavanya and NK broke the silence by clearing their throats, *Ahem Ahem*

Arnav looked up while Khushi looked away; crimson red was the colour of her cheeks.

NK then stated as a matter of fact, “Look at how Khushiji still blushes two years of being married to Nanav.”

Lavanya gasped, “Its been TWO years already?”

Arnav and Khushi both nodded.

Lavanya said, “Wow’ time flies doesn’t it.”

Arnav smiles, “It sure does.”

The waiter came and they all ordered their dinner. During dinner they spoke about how La met NK, La’s return from London, how Arnav and Khushi were enjoying their wedded bliss. NK joked around and Khushi made sure to add a few of her own. Lavanya and Arnav couldn’t help but join in with their laughter.

The night was spent remembering the old precious memories and also making new unforgettable memories along the way.

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