Arshi OS – Being Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada

Finally my first week of form 6 is over…and the weekend is here… The one shot is just a few words short of 1,700. Hope you all enjoy it and meet you all at the bottom, when you’re finished reading it.


It was the night of the business awards ceremony. Arnav was being honoured for the best businessman of the year. Arnav was excited because this year alongside Khushi, their 3 year old son, Shivam would also be in the audience.

Arnav got his little son dressed and kissed his forehead. Khushi came from the kitchen with a bottle in her hand. Arnav gave Shivam to her and took his towel and the suit from the bed and went inside the bathroom. Khushi kissed Shiv… as she called him lovingly. “Hayee… mera beta kitna cute lag raha hai” (My son is looking so cute.)

She fed him the bottle and put him inside his playpen. Arnav’s phone beeped all of a sudden. Khushi picked up the phone and was about to take it to the washroom when she accidentally opened the message. The message was from Lavanya.

Can’t wait to see you tonight babe, I wore your favouritered!!

Khushi said out loud, “What the!!… who the hell does she feel she is?!!”A few seconds later the phone beeped again, another message from Lavanya. Khushi opened it.

This is it!!! how is it looking??

Ms Lavanya Kashyap or as Khushi called her, Ms Chicken Legs without a Brain. She was a model who here and there worked in Arnav’s company. She always openly flirted with Arnav and tried to get close to him, too close; much to Arnav’s dislike but she was the daughter of Manek Kashyap, owner of Kashyap Enterprises.’ Manek was like a mentor to Arnav, while Arnav began his business, thus for old sakes times, Arnav tolerated Manek’s daughter.

Khushi put the phone down and walked up and down. She had to teach that girl a lesson. Khushi looked in the mirror and decided to get dressed; she’ll deal with Lavanya after.


Arnav opened the bathroom door and came out in his black and white tux, with his hair gelled back.

She spun around when she heard the bathroom door click. He stopped short when he saw the figure before him. Khushi was wearing the red sari he bought for her.

He moved towards her and brushed her hair off the side of her face.


She made a 360 turn and asked, “How do I look?”

He pulled her and she crashed against his chest. Khushi held onto his shoulders to balance herself. He whispered into her ear, “Beautiful… amazing… those words doesn’t even begin to describe the way you look… I love you.” He brought his hands up to cup her face.

As soon as he was about to kiss her, she glanced at his watch, realising it was already 8pm and they had to be at the awards for 8:30pm. “Lets go… we’re getting late.”

Arnav nodded and placed a kiss on her nose, “Lets go.”

He picked up a bubbly Shivam and made his way to the car with Khushi. They got there just in time and found their seats. Arnav wound an arm around Khushi while Shivam remained nestled in his arms.

Finally it was time for the best businessman of the year’ award. The spokesman took the mike, “I take great pleasure in declaring this man as businessman of the year. He built an entire empire at a rather young age and his company became no.1 around the world in the fashion industry. He has branches not only in India, but all around the world, Paris, Milan, New York just to name a few. Without further ado, I introduce you to Mr Arnav Singh Raizada, businessman of the year 2013.”

This was a great applause; Arnav hugged Khushi and kissed Shivam. He gave Shivam to her and made his way to the stage. Shivam clapped his chubby hands, just like his mama and everyone else did.

The award was presented to him and he moved to the mike to make his acceptance speech. “Thank you. I love my job a lot. When you love your job it’s an amazing feeling but when you get recognised for it, it means so much more. Today I’m standing here because of my family. They have been my support from day 1. And over the last few years, two people have changed my life, making me a better person; I can’t imagine my life without them. They inspire me and I can proudly say I won’t be anything without them. Give a big hand for my wife Khushi and my son, Shivam.”

Khushi got up and put Shivam down. Shivam excitedly waddled to Arnav. Arnav pulled him into his arms and held Khushi’s hand. They stood on stage for a photo session, as the media wanted every angle of this cute little family.

The spokesman then said, “Mrs Raizada, care to share a word or two about your husband.”

Khushi smiled sweetly and replied, “Sure.”


She stepped forward and spoke into the mike, “Hi, my name is Khushi, Arnav’s wife. Thanks for giving him the title of the businessman of the year.’ Arnav really deserves this, I’m not saying this because I’m obligated to, but I mean it. He’s always worked really hard towards this and finally it paid off. I often used to joke that he was engaged to his laptop as he never parted with it, but it really just showed his dedication to his work. You all see him in the businessman avatar; I’ve seen him in it as well, as I worked in AR a few years back. But be it a businessman, a husband or a father, Arnav does wonders in any title. He puts his all into what he does and always comes out successful. To me, he’s the world’s best friend, the world’s best husband and the world’s best dad. Thank you!”

Khushi hugged Arnav and they made their way back to their seats. After the ceremony was over, Arnav got up and met with guests all around the room as he was the man of the night. Khushi stood next to Arnav while he introduced her to a few of his associates. Everyone kept gushing about how cute Shivam was, and to escape from people pulling his cheeks or kissing him, he snuggled his head in the crook of Arnav’s neck.

Khushi went to the washroom and unfortunately Lavanya took that opportunity to find her way to Arnav.

“Hey ASR, you’re looking very handsome tonight.”

Arnav smiled awkwardly and thought, ‘God, why is she here?’

“So ASR, how do you like the dress??”

“Hmm… its okay Lavanya.”

Arnav turned around and engrossed himself in talking to the associate next to Lavanya.

Shivam still holding onto Arnav’s hand, looked up at Lavanya and muttered,“Messs Chii kee leggs wiiith out brrai n”

Lavanya widened her eyes at Shivam and thought, Did he just say Chicken legs without a… what the hell!!’

Lavanya raised her hand to hit Shivam. Before she could touch Shivam, Khushi slapped her across her cheek.

Arnav immediately turned around and saw the scene in front of him. Everyone else’s attention was fixed on Lavanya and Khushi now.

Khushi picked up Shivam and shouted, “How dare you? How dare you raise your hand to hit my son? No one has the right to hit my child! Don’t you ever dare again! And my husband, you better stay away from him.”

Lavanya spoke up, “Whatever, you and I both know, ASR doesn’t want an aunty like you in a sari, he wants someone like me, sexy and a model.”

Arnav shook in anger, he was about to put Lavanya in her place, when Khushi interrupted, No matter how much you try to throw yourself at my husband, he’s not going to bother with you, because he loves me and he wants nothing to do with a woman like you.”

Lavanya sarcastically said, “Oh really?!”

Arnav’s anger was flying through the roof now, “ENOUGH LAVANYA! I’ve been tolerating you for quite a long time now, that’s because I respect your father a lot, but this is the limits. Stay away from my wife and stay away from my son!! And besides, just wearing a dress doesn’t make anyone beautiful, it comes from inside. Khushi wore a sari and I can’t take my eyes off her, she’s pure, beautiful from inside out, that’s what I love about her!! And you most definitely cannot steal me, because I’m not yours to have.”

Before Lavanya could utter a word, she got another resounding slap, not from Arnav nor Khushi but this time from her own father, Manek Kashyap.

Manek angrily held Lavanya, “You’ve shamed me, I used to be proud of you, and today I have to bend my head in shame. Why are you after Arnav? He’s a married man!! He has a wife and a son. Is this the upbringing I gave you Lavanya?”

Manek turned to Arnav and Khushi. Clasping his hands together he said, “I’m sorry my daughter’s behaviour.”

Arnav held Manek’s shoulder, “Uncle, its not your fault.” He looked at Shivam who was falling sleeping in Khushi’s arm, “Woh, we should get going now.”

Manek nodded. They bid their goodbyes and Arnav and Khushi left for home with their son who was now sound asleep.

As Arnav drove, Khushi looked at the backseat and said, “Arnav I… back there, what Shivam said, its my fault… I didn’t realise he heard me say it…I should be more careful.”

Arnav stated, “Yeah.” He came closer and whispered into her ears, “Shivam was right though. And of course, not everyone can look so ravishing like you!! That too in a sari.” Khushi smiled and Arnav interlocked one of his hands with Khushi’s as he drove.

After reaching home and putting Shivam in his bed, Arnav walked into his room. He saw Khushi already freshened up and asleep on the bed. He too freshened up and slid into the bed. He leaned over and kissed her forehead, “Love you.” He hugged her from behind and she turned around, snuggling into his chest.  She mumbled, “I love you too.” and she fell back asleep. He tightened his hold on her and soon after fell asleep himself.

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