Arshi OS – Arnav stands up to Dadi for Khushi

(Author’s note) I had initially written this about a year ago, when Dadi “Stopwa Dadi” made her entry into Iss Pyaar. I wasn’t on IF back then so I couldn’t have posted it. (Due to me writing it a long time ago, the writing technique may be slightly different, you may notice it, as opposed to how my newer one shots etc are written) Do read and review. Enjoy it Wink


The parts that are supposed to be said in Hindi are in green.



Dadi’s voice boomed throughout the living room of the Raizada Mansion.

Dadi shouted, You used Anjali’s husband and now Arnav beta!!”

*Khushi watches Dadi and silently cries*

Nani widened her eyes, “SUMI !! How can you say that about Khushi betiya?”

Dadi yelled, “She is like that. I don’t know how Arnav beta married her. She probably trapped him with her web of lies.”

Nani warned, “Sumi you’re crossing your limits. Khushi betiya is the bahu of this house. Enough!”

*Payal holds Khushi’s shoulders as Khushi can barely stand.*

Dadi explained, “Devyani, you don’t know girls like her, they just use men for money and a name and then when they’re finished with them, they move onto another one.”

Before Nani could interrupt her, Dadi continued, “She’s like this only, I can only imagine how her parents are, the people who brought her into this world.”

Khushi looked up and said, “Why are you bringing my parents into this?”

Dadi spat, “Your parents probably wish they were dead than to see this day.”

Nani said, “Not another word Subadra.  I said enough didn’t I. Khushi’s parents are no more in this world, how could you.”

*Khushi fell to the floor and sobbed harder, she couldn’t hold anything in any longer.*

Dadi tried to reason, “Devyani, you still are siding with this two cent girl”

*Before Dadi could continue she heard a loud steady voice echoing through the Raizada Mansion.*


Everyone turned to the sound of the voice, it was Arnav.

*ASR’s sexy bg tune* (For the intensity of the situation Wink)

Arnav strode towards Khushi, as soon as she saw him in front of her, she leaped into his arms.  She clutched the back of his shirt tightly and sobbed into his chest.


Arnav caressed her hair while saying, “Shh Khushi, im here now, its okay!”

Arnav stared at Dadi, “Anyone who speaks ill to my wife or as a matter of fact, any member of the RAIZADA (he stressed on that word) family, they have no place here.”

He started shaking in anger, “I said GET OUT!!”

Dadi asked, “Arnav is this how you speak to elders? Don’t you have any respect for me?”

Arnav replied, “You haven’t given me any reason to respect you any longer.”

Dadi said, “Arnav im here for you and Anjali now.”

Arnav asked, “Ohh, so where were you 14 years ago? Huh? We didn’t need you then? JUST LEAVE”


Dadi spat back, “By which right are you asking me to leave this house?”

Arnav fumed, “Im the owner of this house, RAIZADA MANSION is mine.”

Khushi pressed Arnav’s hand, motioning him to not throw Dadi out, but Arnav was firm on his decision.

Arnav looked at her and said, “OUT” declaring his final verdict.

Dadi gave Arnav one last look and picked up her belongings, making her way out of the house and back to the Ashram.

When Dadi was gone, Khushi pulled away from Arnav, “I, I didn’t, I, Dadi left because I.”

Arnav hushed her and wiped her tears away, “Shh, she doesn’t deserve your tears. Forget her.” Arnav took Khushi up to their room and let her rest with Payal at her side.


Arnav came out of the room to see Nani in tears sitting on the couch.


 He quickly ran to Nani and stumped in front of her, “Nani are you okay? Why are you crying?”

Devyani put her hand on top of her grandson’s had, “What you did today, the way you stood up for Khushi betiya, im proud of you Chotte. If only your father stood up for your mother, the way you did today, then maybe she would have been with us.”


Arnav looked at his grandmother and held both of her hands, “Shh Nani, Dad was a coward, he let mom go, he didn’t believe his own wife, and instead he believed Dadi’s words. But im not him Nani, I may have his blood running through my veins but I am not another ARMAAN MALIK. I believe my wife, I trust her more than I trust myself.”

Nani smiled through her tears, “Ratna would have been proud of you today and im sure she would have been proud of the bahu that you brought.”

Arnav smiled, “I know Nani. She would’ve loved Khushi.”


He hugged his Nani tightly, she was his strength believe it or not, whenever he used to fall apart while trying to take care of Anjali and everyone, his Nani would just utter a few words to him, something that his mother would have said and he would instantly feel like his world was back on track.

She nurtured and scolded him like a mother but she also spoilt and instilled the values in him as a grandmother.


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