Pasta aur ASR ka Gussa

Setting : Raizada Mansion Dining Table

Arnav : Who made this? Di kisnay ye kana banaya hai?

Anjali : What’s wrong Chotte?

Arnav : It’s tasteless! If HP didn’t know how to make it, why did he bother? I think im gonna be sick, its so bad. ughh (Arnav gets up to leave)

Anjali : (Anjali stops Arnav) Khushiji made it, she was trying to make your favourite food.. but

Arnav : What..!! Khushi made it??

(Arnav glances in the other direction to see Khushi standing with her face covered in tears)

(Khushi turns around)

Arnav : Khushi (He called out)

Anjali turned around only to see Khushi running up the stairs and Arnav not too far behind her.

Arshi Room:

Khushi locks herself in the bathroom and Arnav attempts to talk to her.

Arnav : Khushi, im sorry! I didn’t know, please open up, the pasta isnt that bad… i mean its good, please open, im sorry.

*no answer*

Arnav walks downstairs and sits at the dining table. He eats all of the pasta Khushi had made for him.

Khushi sees all of this from the stairs, she rushes to him and cups his face.

Arnav : (He turns to her)  Am i forgiven now?

Khushi : (nods her head) Arnav i love you
(She pulls him into a hug)

Arnav : (whispers into her ear) I love you too (he hugs her back)

* * * * * * * * *

Anjali watches on as the two love birds hug each other’ she smiles

In her mind she prays that her Chotte will always have his ” Khushi “ at his side forever.

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