Getting that waist bigger

This was the first story I posted on Arshi, Nov 30th 2012. Looking back, it was not the best but it was genuine and that’s what I love it. 


Arnav came close to Khushi’s ears and whispered to her, “Now that the Mrs India contest is over how about we work on getting that waist bigger.” Arnav smirked while Khushi widened her eyes and turned red like a tomato. “No, Arnavji!,”Khushi said keeping, well attempting to keep a straight face.  “WHAT THE!”,Arnav exclaimed.  Arnav looked at his wife and then asked, “Why Khushi? ‘ Don’t you want to give Aarav a sibling?”

She stood up and came close to his ears, she took one of his hands and put it on her stomach, she whispered, “Arnavji, I meant to say my waist is already getting bigger.” He looked at her beaming from ear to ear; He took his other hand and caressed her stomach, “Really Khushi” She nodded and he pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

He pulled her into a hug taking in the scent of her fruity shampoo. She asked, “Do you think I’d be a good mom?”

“Hmm, maybe” She pulled back from the hug with a sad expression on her face. Arnav held her and said, “Of course you’re amazing, and as far as being a mom is concerned, you already are a mom Khushi, Aarav, remember that kid, who stays in the room next to us and calls you mom.”

He pecked her lips; she smiled and pecked him back. Khushi then said, “I know, but I mean Aarav is a big boy, a baby is a different thing.” Arnav replied,“Don’t worry, im here with you right.. we’ll take it one step at a time.”He  pulled her into another hug.

Khushi whispered, “I love you.”

Arnav smiled and kissed her forehead, “I love you more.”

She held his hands and whispered, “HAMESHA, right?!” Arnav smiled and cupped her face, “HAMESHA!!”

She shifted closer to him erasing the little distance between their bodies.  They both fell asleep in each other’s arms with a bright smile mirrored on each other’s faces.

This is how i wanted the last episode of ipkknd to be like 🙂 

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