Arshi OS – Patni Vratha

So we saw Khushi taking care of Arnav, being a ‘ Pati Vratha ‘  so i thought why not let Arnav take care of Khushi this time’ hence ‘ Patni Vratha.

This takes place after Arnav and Khushi’s 2nd wedding, after they adopted Aarav.


Arnav walked into a silent Shantivan.  On any normal day in Shantivan at this time; Nani and Mami would be in the living room while Khushi and Anjali in the kitchen and NK and Aarav playing. But to his surprise no one was downstairs. He loosed his tie and walked up the stairs.

He entered his room to find everyone standing around the bed. He walked towards the bed to see Khushi lying on the bed as the doctor checked her. The doctor then spoke, “I recommend bed rest and make sure to not strain yourself too much.” Everyone walked out with the doctor, leaving Arnav alone with Khushi.

He dropped his bag and sat on the bed, “Khushi, what, what happened?”

 Khushi looked up at him, “I, I was trying to walk in my heels and I fell and”

Arnav let out a frustrated sigh, “Khushi you know you can’t walk properly in heels, so then why bother?”

 Khushi replied, “I wanted to see, its just sprained”  

He cut her across saying, “Just sprained? What if’ You know what’ just forget it!”

Arnav got up and walked out of the room, more worried than angry. No one had even bothered to call him, what if it was something more serious and Khushi, she behaved like it was no big deal, what if she had broken her foot. He walked straight out of the house. He didn’t want to yell at her, so he went to the place where he would find some peace and would be able to clear his head.

His Ma’s Garden

Arnav sat on the bench and observed the red roses he had planted in honour of his mother. He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed, regretting the way he walked out on Khushi. He should have been home taking care of her, but instead he left. After a few minutes he got up and picked a rose. He smiled as he brought the rose up to his face; he gave the garden one last look and left for home.

He went into the room and saw Khushi sleeping. He sat next to her putting the freshly picked rose beside her pillow. He tucked her hair behind her ear, making her frown in her sleep. He smiled and kissed her forehead. Arnav changed out of his office clothes. He looked at Khushi’s sleeping figure and walked to the study with his laptop in tow so he wouldn’t disturb her sleep.

After some time, he saw Khushi coming downstairs. He immediately moved towards her and put his hand out to help her down. Khushi ignored his help and continued limping down the stairs. Every step Khushi took the more pain it caused her.

Suddenly she felt herself being lifted into the air. She tilted her head to see Arnav picking her up into his arms. She put one arm around his neck and the other clutched onto his shirt. He put her on the chair at the dining table and sat beside her. He looked up to see the stunned faces of Nani, Mami and Anjali looking straight at him.

Arnav sighed, “What? I can’t lift my wife up now!!” Khushi glared at him, while Anjali sat down saying, “Arre, Chotte aisi koi baat nahin hai, woh bas aisi.” (Chotte, there’s nothing like that)  Nani and Mami smiled and they also sat down. After a few minutes Aarav and NK joined them and everyone started their dinner.

All of a sudden, Khushi started coughing. Arnav instantly started rubbing her back. Anjali passed a glass of water to Arnav.  He made Khushi drink the water, until she settled down. Khushi looked up to see everyone’s concerned faces. Nani asked, “Tum theek ho?” (Are you okay?) Khushi nodded.

After dinner, Arnav got up and was about to lift Khushi into his arms again, when she whispered, “No.” Arnav said, “Okay, at least let me walk you then.” She nodded. Arnav held one of her hands while his other hand supported her back. He carefully walked her to the living room. Khushi settled into one of the couches and Arnav made her rest her feet on the coffee table. Khushi frowned but still put her feet up, knowing that it would lessen the pain.


NK and Aarav went upstairs to play with the new video games Arnav had bought for Aarav. Aarav really enjoyed spending time with his ‘super cool NK chachu’ as Aarav would call him. NK felt the same way’ he had gotten a nephew, uff more like a little friend to spend time with.


 Arnav went to his room, leaving Khushi watching TV with Nani, Mami and Anjali. A while later Arnav walked back downstairs to find Khushi sleeping with her head resting on Anjali’s shoulder.

‘Must be the medication’ he thought, ‘ because on any other night she wouldn’t miss watching that Rabba Ve soap opera.’ Anytime Arnav had passed by when the women were watching TV, all he would hear was ‘Rabbba Veee.’ So he assumed it was named Rabba Ve. *lol*

He walked to the couch and saw the women all engrossed in their Rabba Ve thing. Arnav picked Khushi up gently, trying not to wake her up. Nani, Mami and Anjali’s attention turned to Arnav. And then as if on cue, ‘Rabba Ve’ started blaring from the TV.

Nani, Mami and Anjali burst out laughing seeing a real ‘rabba ve’ moment in front of them’ Arnav gave them a ‘What The’ look and walked upstairs with Khushi in his arms.

“Arre, Khushi bhabhi aur Chotte ka rabba ve moment!!” (Khushi and Chotte’s rabba ve moment) Anjali smiled brightly as she said that.

Mami added, “Aur abhi toh Patti Sari soh rahi hai, just imagine, jab woh jag rahi hai, toh kya romance.” (And now Khushi is sleeping’ just imagine when she’s waking’ what romance.) Manorama started laughing. *lol*

Nani’s eyes widened and said, “Manorama!” Mami stopped laughing and kept quiet while Anjali closed her eyes and started laughing.


He laid her on the bed and pulled the covers over her. He sat on the recliner, going through some files from the office. He looked up and saw that Khushi was trying to get up. He scurried to her side and helped her up. Khushi let out a groan, her foot was hurting. She had taken her medication, rested but she was still in discomfort.

She closed her eyes and tried to ignore the pain. She gasped as she felt a hand touch her sprained foot. She opened her eyes to see Arnav sitting on the bed, holding her foot in his lap. She instantly pulled her foot away from his grasp and widened her eyes, “Arnav, aap kya?” (what are you?)

He ignored her question and shifted her sari, so that he could see her foot again. He touched her foot’ making sure he was gentle. She looked away from him while he gently massaged it, trying to soothe her pain.

After a few moments of silence, someone knocked on the door and Arnav said,”Come In!” Khushi saw Anjali standing with a bowl of haldi. Khushi felt awkward, because Arnav was still massaging her foot. She shyly smiled and Anjali returned the smile. Anjali moved towards the bed, “Chotte, let me put the haldi.” Arnav looked up and replied, “No Di, its okay, I’ll put it.” Anjali nodded and handed him the bowl, leaving the room.

Arnav moved to the cupboard and took out a towel. He placed it under her foot and took some of the paste, gently spreading it onto her foot. She watched him as he patiently put the remainder of paste onto her foot. He took the bowl into the bathroom and washed out the haldi from his hands.

He walked back into the room to see her staring into space, he picked up his laptop and was about to leave the room when her voice stopped him. “Arnav” He turned to see her looking down and fidgeting with the end of her sari.

He came closer to the bed and still looking down, Khushi whispered, “I’m sorry. I was being stupid, I knew I couldn’t walk in it, yet I.. I’m so childish, I’m never going to grow up.”

Arnav put the laptop down and sat on the bed. He titled her chin up so he could see her face properly. He smiled when she looked into his eyes, he then said,”Khushi, why are you saying sorry. I was just worried that’s why I reacted like that. Now get some sleep okay.”

Before he could get off the bed, she held his hand. She nodded her head in disapproval. She looked into his eyes and said, “Stay please” He smiled and moved to his side of the bed. She snuggled against his chest, while his left hand was around her waist. A few minutes later he realised Khushi was asleep, he kissed her forehead and he too fell asleep.

In the morning, Arnav woke up to see Khushi missing from beside him. He checked the time, 7:30a.m. He moved to the bathroom but she wasn’t there. He walked downstairs to see her in the living room with Nani, Mami and Anjali.”Khushi”, Arnav called, making everyone turn to him.

Mami burst out in laughter as soon as she saw Arnav. Anjali and Khushi stifled their laughter and Nani smiled at her Chotte. Arnav looked at Mami, then Anjali, then Nani and finally at Khushi. He blurted out, “WHAT?”

Mami replied, “What naahi, yellow fellow Arnav bitua, hello hi bye bye.”(Not what, yellow fellow Arnav son, hello hi bye bye.)

Arnav stood in confusion. He looked straight at Khushi; she looked at him and moved her eyes downwards, so he would look down at himself. He looked down and widened his eyes. His track pants had haldi smeared all over it.

Anjali spoke, “Chotte, I gave you haldi to put on Khushiji last night, not on yourself.” Arnav blurted out, “Di its Khushi’s fault.”

Khushi stopped smiling and said, “meri galti?” (My fault?) Arnav said, “Oh, so you don’t sleep in your taekwondo pose, with your leg all over me.”

Khushi’s face turned crimson red after hearing Arnav’s words in front of everyone. Arnav struggled for words after he realised what he had said. “I, umm” And with that he began marching back upstairs.

Khushi sunk into the couch trying to hide herself. Anjali with a naughty smile said, “Khushiji aapka chehra laal ho gaya” (Khushi, your face got red.)Khushi looked away from Anjali and stood up, “Woh, main, main abhi aayi.” (I, I’ll be right back.) And with that Khushi got up suddenly completely forgetting about her foot.

She gasped out loud and froze in her position. Arnav had just reached the top of the stairs when he heard her gasp, he immediately turned around, “Khushi!” He rushed back down and pulled her into his arms, “I told you be careful.”

He pulled her sari up to see her foot, which in turn made her feel embarrassed because Nani, Mami and Anjali were standing right behind him.

He looked up at her and read her expression; he immediately dropped her sari. He then said, “Woh, Nani, she needs to rest her foot so.” Nani nodded and Arnav picked her and took her up to their room.

Nani walked to the kitchen. Mami looked at Anjali and said, “Arnav bitua kab doctor ban gaya? Patti Sari ka footwa dekha aur kaha ki aram ki sarurat hai” (When did Arnav become a doctor? He saw Khushi’s foot and said she needs rest.)

Anjali started laughing, “Mami, yaad hai hamari tv show mein bhi ye hota hai.” (Mami, remember in our tv show the same thing happens.)

Mami started laughing, “Ha, same to same, aur rabba ve bhi, same to same hoga.” (Yes, same to same, and rabba ve must be the same too)

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