Arshi OS – Khushi’s ASR Avatar

Khushi looked at the time again. “Four hours, they left four hours ago, he left his phone home too, where are they?” she said out loud. She got up from the couch and paced up and down. After a few minutes she heard the doorbell. She rushed to the door and opened it. Arnav smiled at her, as soon as Khushi saw his smile, her temper rose.

Khushi moved back and raised her voice, “Arnav is this the time to come home? I was so worried and you’re just.” Arnav dropped the bags in his hand and moved towards her. In a low and steady voice he said, “I’m sorry baby, Ruhaan, he wanted to stay out longer.” Khushi yelled, “But still Arnav, you could have told him no. Ughh, you don’t know what kinda thoughts I had.” Arnav whispered, “Shh, Khushi stop yelling. He’s scared.”

She looked at Arnav and got what he was saying. She looked over at their four year old son, Ruhaan standing by the door watching the two of them. Ruhaan looked like he was about to cry. All of Khushi’s anger vanished when she saw him like this. She stood in front of him, “Ruhaan.” Ruhaan ran Arnav and hugged his leg.  Ruhaan looked Khushi with tears in his eyes, “Mamma, don’t be mad at daddy.” Arnav lifted Ruhaan into his arms and wiped away the tears streaming down his face. Khushi had completely forgotten that Ruhaan was standing beside Arnav.

She walked to Arnav and caressed Ruhaan’s hair. She looked at Ruhaan, “Baby I’m not mad at daddy, I was just worried about you two.” Khushi smiled,“See I’m not angry.” Ruhaan nodded and Khushi hugged the two of them. Khushi released them from her bear hug and Arnav kissed her forehead.

Arnav put Ruhaan down and Khushi walked Ruhaan to the living room. Arnav picked up the bags he had dropped by the door and strode in behind them. Ruhaan showed Khushi all the toys and clothes Arnav had bought for him. Khushi sat on the couch watching her two favourite men as they assembled the toys and played with them. She knew her anger got the best of her these days but she couldn’t help it.

Arnav glanced at the side every now and then, looking at Khushi as she folded the baby clothes. They were expecting their second child in a few months. He was used to her tiredness, her anger, and all of her antics during her pregnancy, but Ruhaan didn’t know about that. Ruhaan missed how his mamma was, the crazy, smiling and especially not angry mamma.

Ruhaan walked over to Khushi and sat beside her, side hugging her.  Khushi stopped folding the clothes and put her hand around her son. Arnav gathered the toys and put them in Ruhaan’s room. When he returned he saw Ruhaan and Khushi both asleep. He picked up Ruhaan and tucked him in his bed. He then walked back to the couch to see Khushi awake. He helped her up and he took the baby clothes and helped her put them in the baby room. They smiled at the room and walked to Ruhaan’s room. They kissed him goodnight and then went to their room.


In the morning Arnav was sitting on the bed with the laptop in his lap. He typed with his right hand and had his left hand snaked around Ruhaan who was watching cartoons on the TV.


All of a sudden the two of them heard, “ARRRNNAAAVV.” Arnav and Ruhaan looked at each other and widened their eyes. Arnav said, “Ruhaan. Do you think she found the puppy?!!” Ruhaan gulped and said, “I think so.” The father son duo crept downstairs to see a fuming Khushi. The entire floor was covered with mud and the puppy was running up and down.

Ruhaan hid behind Arnav as they walked over to Khushi. Khushi closed her eyes and took a deep breathe in, “I just mopped here.” Arnav opened his mouth to speak, but was silenced by Khushi’s hand telling him to hush. Khushi continued,“And since when do we have a dog?” Ruhaan peeked from behind Arnav and said, “Last night.” Khushi put her hands on her hips and replied, “WE DON’T NEED A DOG.” 

Arnav held Khushi by her shoulders and made her sit on the couch. Arnav stooped down in front of her, “Khushi please relax, we’ll clean the mess up. Don’t stress yourself okay.” Ruhaan with a gloomy face stooped down next to Arnav and said, “Mamma, we’ll take the puppy back.”

Khushi looked at Arnav and Ruhaan, they had the saddest expressions on their faces. Khushi pinched her nose bridge and replied, “If you clean up the mess and take me for ice cream then I’ll think about the dog.” Ruhaan looked up, “Really mamma?” She looked at Arnav, “Well that’s if your dad takes us.”  Arnav nodded and Ruhaan squealed, “Yes.”

Arnav picked the puppy up and took him outside, when he walked back inside, he saw Khushi high fiving Ruhaan. Khushi laughed, “Ruhaan, how was mamma’s acting?” Ruhaan smiled, “Perfect.” Khushi said, “We’re keeping the puppy’ don’t worry.” The two of them turned when they heard a voice say,“WHAT THE!” Khushi and Ruhaan froze while Arnav came towards them. Arnav spoke, “Khushi you weren’t mad, you wanted the dog all along.”Khushi and Ruhaan looked down. Khushi replied in a low tone, “We wanted ice cream and you didn’t want to get it for us so.”

Arnav let out a sigh, “Khushi” Khushi stood up and said with a straight face,“Don’t worry, I’ll clean the mess.”  Arnav stopped her, “No I’ll do it. Go get dressed.” Ruhaan asked, “For what?” Arnav turned to him, “Ice cream remember!” A smile crept onto Khushi’s face, “Really?” He nodded.

While Khushi and Ruhaan got dressed, Arnav mopped the entire floor, making sure there was no water on it, for Khushi and Ruhaan’s safety. He put the mop away and got dressed himself.

They went to the ice cream shop. Khushi and Ruhaan ordered their ice creams while Arnav sat at the table. He mumbled to himself, “Khushi and Ruhaan both drives me crazy, imagine when the baby gets here.”

“I’m sure she’ll be a daddy’s girl” Arnav heard a voice, he looked up to see Khushi standing in front of him. Arnav smiled and said, “I sure hope so.”Ruhaan sat on his lap and Khushi sat beside them. Khushi fed Ruhaan ice cream, while Arnav fed Khushi ice cream.


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