Arshi OS -Arshi’s Date to the Derby

Arnav just finished his morning jog and entered his bedroom. He saw Khushi now getting up from the bed. Arnav moved towards her and kissed her forehead,“Morning Baby.” She smiled and replied, “Morning.” He sat on the recliner and checked his mails. He looked up at Khushi, she was still on the bed daydreaming. He smiled and said, “Khushi, main aaj office nahin jarahi hoon.” (Khushi, im not going to the office today)

A smile crept onto her face. She got off the bed and moved towards him. “Toh hum Salmanji ki picture” (So we can… a Salman picture…)

Arnav cut her across, “Nahin, hum actually Derby jarahi hoon.” (No, actually we’re going to the Derby.)

Khushi tried to convince him, “But please Arnavji, I” Arnav looked up at her,“Khushi, last time I went with you to see that Salman movie, now it’s your turn to go to the Derby with me.”

She pouted but agreed. Arnav moved towards the cupboard and took out his towel and clothes.

He turned to her before entering the bathroom. “Khushi, wear something light, a cotton dress.” Khushi stared into space, “Cotton?! Cotton dress?! “She searched her cupboard but could not find anything.

She knocked on the bathroom door, “Arnavji?” Arnav answered from the shower, “Yeah!” Khushi continued, “Woh I don’t know what to wear, I”Arnav answered back, “Don’t worry, I’ll arrange something.” Khushi replied, “Okay.”

Arnav came out dressed in dark blue jeans, a black long sleeve shirt and dress shoes.


He dried his hair in front of the mirror while Khushi fiddled around with her clothes in the cupboard. Arnav turned towards her, “Woh, Khushi wear a shalwar.” She nodded and took out a shalwar from her cupboard and entered the bathroom.

Khushi came out wearing a red shalwar with gold along the border of it. She fixed her hair and applied some makeup. She turned to Arnav and said, “Chale.” (Lets go) Arnav nodded and they left.

Khushi looked confused when Arnav pulled up into the AR’s car park. She looked at him, “Arnavji, hum aapki office mein kyun hai?” (Arnav, we’re in your office, Why?) Arnav opened her side of the car and extended his hand. She came out of the car, placing her palm onto his and he led her inside.

They entered the conference room and there were cotton dresses everywhere. Khushi looked at Arnav and he said, “Choose one.” Khushi scanned the room, picked one up and left to change.

Arnav turned around to see Khushi standing in front of him. She was looking beyond beautiful. She had on a pink knee length dress with a cap sleeve.


Arnav moved towards her and she fidgeted. He extended his hand and removed her hair clip, making her straight brown hair fall on her shoulders. Standing behind her, he put his hands around her waist and whispered into her hair,“Perfect.” She smiled and they left for the Derby.

They entered the Derby. Khushi was fascinated with the different atmosphere here. There were people gathered all over waiting for the races to start. Khushi clutched onto Arnav’s arm as he led her inside.

Arnav stopped and introduced her to many of his business associates and his friends. They found their seats and someone brought drinks and eats to them.

Arnav looked at Khushi as she attentively watched the race. She turned to him and asked, “Kya hua?” (What happened?) Arnav motioned nothing and she refocused on the race. He leaned closer to her seat and interlocked his palm with hers. She looked down at her hand feeling the sudden contact.

She looked up at Arnav, whose concentration was on the race. She flashed a smile and tightened her hands on his. He smiled but his eyes were glued to the race.

 They moved to the lounge area when the race was over. There was a party for all the members of the Derby club. They took a few pictures with Arnav’s friends and his business associates. Arnav asked Khushi to dance when he heard the songGive Me Love by Ed Sheeran playing.

( )


She nodded and they moved to the dance floor. He put his hands around her waist while she put her hands around his neck. They danced keeping their eyes on each other, blocking out everyone else in the room. They moved slowly to the lyrics of the song. He spun her and dipped her, then pulled her right back against his chest. They continued dancing. 

When the song was over, they pulled away from each other, only to hear a sudden applause.

They looked around and realised they were alone on the dance floor. Khushi blushed and Arnav smirked. They moved to a close by table and chatted for a while. Arnav’s friends urged him to take a few drinks with them but he declined. He extended his hand to Khushi and said, “Ready to go.” She smiled and held his hand.

“Did you have fun?” Arnav asked on the way back home. She nodded and said,“It was different, something I never thought I would experience’I’m glad I agreed.” Arnav smiled. They reached home around 11pm. Everyone was already asleep in Shantivan. Arnav and Khushi retreated to their rooms.


The following day, Arnav and Khushi walked downstairs into the living room, everyone looked up smiling. Mami said, “Ye lo, the famous couplewa!” (Look here… the famous couple)

NK chimed, “Nanav, Khushiji’ Derby huh, very cool!!” 

Nani smiled, “Bohut pyaari lag rahi ti in dono.” (You too were looking very nice) 

Anjali smiled and teased Khushi, “Hamari bhabhi aur woh dress mein… very pretty.” (My sister in law and that dress… very pretty)

Arnav questioned, “Nani, aap sab ko kaisi baata?” (Nani, how do you all know?) NK handed Arnav the local newspaper.

Arnav and Khushi looked at the front page. Khushi’s eyes widened when she saw the title. She started blushing and Arnav just smiled.

“Business Tycoon ASR and his wife at the Derby yesterday.”

They looked through the newspaper to see an article and different pictures of them from the Derby. Khushi kept blushing and hid her face behind Arnav.

Arnav smirked and closed the newspaper. He held Khushi’s hand and led her upstairs with the newspaper in tow. The entire family blushed seeing them go upstairs.


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