Arshi One Shots

Na Tum Jano Na Hum  –  A tale that follows Arnav and Khushi through their journey to each other in a love affair between New Zealand and India. A dedication to Jiji (Friedriceji) on her birthday.

My Love – Arnav’s thoughts flowing onto paper as he writes about love and who or what it symbolizes in his life.

Channa Mereya  – Strangers to each other, each with their own baggage… but one moment makes a world of a difference in their lives.

Baarish Ki Boondein– The rain means different things to different people, but it is solely the rain that unites us all. So too is the story of Arnav and Khushi, united by the rain.

Eternal Flame – Inspired by a photograph, this is the sweet story of young lovers in the 50’s, Arnav and Khushi at the town’s Carnival.

The Key To My Heart – Spin off from an episode of IPK Ek Jashn, what could have been.

The Morning Dew  –  A brief moment in Arnav and Khushi’s life. Its also a birthday dedication to a dear friend, Ruwi.

Pyaar Ka Jashn – A collab with Parinati, based on IPK Ek Jashn. What happened after Ek Jashn ended.

Jazba – The rise of an independent Khushi who sets out to follow her passion, her dream.

All Of The Stars – I submitted this shot for the 4th ipkknd anniversary contest; A story of the first meet, how and when, the lasting effect it left on them both, from that moment, it was written in the stars.

Unconditional Love – Soulmates, parents, life… everything is connected by a driving force.

O Saathiya *will post soon* My version of what happened in the hut during the kidnapping track.

Cross Connections… distance makes the heart grow fonder – Arnav and Khushi make a bet because she wants to visit her Maayka. The bet falls through because one of them couldn’t take the torture. See what happens next.

Kyun Dard Hai Itna – A short shot on a bipolar Arnav, how he behaves with Khushi and what she does in turn.

Sparks Fly – Modern Gupta sisters meet the Raizada brothers at a night club. Sparks definitely flew between each couple.

Home Sweet Home – A pregnant Khushi with her husband at Buaji’s house.

If Only Things Were Different – Sometimes you just wish for a second chance

Year 2056, November 30th – This was a tribute to the one year anniversary since the show ended.

Preschool Jitters – Arnav, Khushi and their daughter Sapna on her first day of preschool.

Home alone with Raizada – Arnav and Khushi have been busy with their respective work lives, so the family decides to leave the house for the night to give them some time quality time alone with each other.

Baby Bump – During Anjali and Shyam’s anniversary play, Khushi wears a baby bump to portray Anjali. Arnav can’t seem to get enough of seeing Khushi like this, see what he does next.

Happy 30th Birthday Khushi – This was dedicated to Sanaya on her 30th birthday.

Jalebis, Babies and Bonding – Some cute moments between a sister in law and brother in law, Payal and Arnav. Something that was extremely subtle in the show but in my POV, needed to be shown more.

Shaadi… Nanheji aur Amanji? – Khushi and her mind! She overhears her Nanheji telling her Arnavji that he is in love with someone. Stay tuned for her reaction and what happens next.

Being Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada – Arnav, Khushi and their toddler Shivam, attend the Businessman Awards, where Arnav is nominated for ‘ Best Businessman of 2013’

Junior Chotte & Di – *Raksha Bandhan* Arnav and Anjali have always had a special bond, now their kids, Aaruv and Ayani share this same bond much to their parents joy.

Arnav stands up to Dadi for Khushi – This is set soon after Dadi’s arrival. Dadi starts insulting Khushi and Arnav strikes back in all of his ASR glory.

Midnight Cravings – Khushi and her cravings basically!

Double Date with NK and his tareek – Arnav and Khushi are on a double date with NK and his better half. Arnav and Khushi are both in for a surprise when they see who NK’s date is.

Memories – Those who leave the world leave you with their memories. Arnav has left something more for Khushi that becomes the reason to live.

Hum Tum in Sheesh Mahal – Arnav and Khushi visit Sheesh Mahal nearly two years later. The place where they met for the first time, where Arnav grew up. His past resurfaces and he confides in Khushi. (Rain Sequence Included)

Getting that waist bigger – After Khushi wins the Mrs India competition, Arnav reminds her about something he wanted to do. (My take on how Iss Pyaar should have ended)

Sanka Devi – Arnav apologizes to Khushi the night before their Shagun and stays over.

Hamari Dupatta – Set the morning after Raksha Bandhan, the tale of something amiss.

I want a baby – There comes a moment in life where a couple decide that they are ready to bring life into their little world.

Khushi’s Special 2nd Holi – Khushi’s second Holi since being married to Arnav.

It’s the little things that count – A simple yet sweet interaction between a husband and wife after a long day of work.

Arshi’s Date to the Derby – Arnav takes Khushi on a date. (Lovely Ed Sheeran song included) 

Khushi’s ASR Avatar – Arnav and Khushi are married and live at their own home. They already have a child and now another baby on the way. During Khushi’s pregnancy, she becomes a little like her husband’s ASR image. See how her little family handles her.

Patni Vratha – *Set after their remarriage and Aarav-Sheetal’s track* Everyone enjoys when Arnav openly shows his concern and love for Khushi, the role of the ideal husband when his wife needs him.

Caring for Khushi – *post kidnapping* This takes place the night when Shyam was thrown out of Shantivan.

Pasta Aur ASR ka Gussa – Khushi attempts to make a new dish for Arnav but it doesn’t turn out well.

To be continued 

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